Arabella Chi reveals miscarriage before Love Island All Stars

Arabella Chi reveals she had tragic miscarriage just months before Love Island All Stars

‘This is real talk, I don’t really talk about my personal side of things’

Arabella Chi has revealed she suffered a miscarriage just months before her appearance on Love Island: All Stars. The Love Island icon has opened up on Instagram about what happened to her, hoping to raise some awareness around a health condition.

Speaking on Instagram, Arabella said she has polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) as she shared her struggles with cystic acne, hair loss, and severe period pain. She also described how she had a miscarriage just last year.

In the video she said her diagnosis came just two days after experiencing extreme pain during a period, that was severe enough to consider calling an ambulance. She went on to say she suffered a miscarriage in September last year, just a few months before joining the Love Island All Stars villa, in January.

“I recently got diagnosed with PCOS,” she said. “I am now 33 and I had been on the pill for probably 15 years, up until August last year. I actually had an unplanned miscarriage in September last year and decided to come off the pill because I felt it was time.”

She explained she had first gone on the pill because of her struggles with her skin and painful periods. Arabella explained she has suffered from acne since she was young, and it has caused depression and physical pain.

“I had child acne so bad you couldn’t even see my skin on my face,” she said. “When I say growing up, I literally went through times in my life where I wanted to rip off my face. That was how painful my spots were and how depressed I was over my acne.”

She went on to say her acne went down and she came off the pill, but then last year her “hormones went through the roof” and her acne returned. “I literally started having acne coming back on my face, when I get my periods I cannot move for an entire day,” she said.

“I am in absolutely agonising pain to the extent that my last one, a month ago, was so bad I honestly thought I was going to have to call an ambulance.”

Arabella added: “Getting diagnosed with PCOS, I know there is no cure. That’s kind of why I jumped on here, because it’s an amazing platform to speak about things personal to me and I’m sure there are also people out there also suffering with it.

“Which is why I want to open my Instagram and have you guys come on this journey with me, and give me advice, that I can then hopefully share with you guys. This is real talk, because I feel like I don’t really come on here and talk about my personal side of things very much.”

Prior to Love Island: All Stars, Arabella was in a relationship with Manchester City footballer, Ruben Dias. Arabella and Ruben Dias had reportedly been seeing each other since September, with Ruben deciding to end the relationship just before she entered the villa.

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