Love Island 2024 three new bombshells

Say hello to the three new bombshells ready to stir it up in the Love Island 2024 villa

This is EXACTLY what we needed

Last night saw three bombshells hit the Love Island 2024 villa, which means the drama is really going to kick off. I’m ready!

Two girls and one boy walked into the villa, much to the other Islanders’ shock, most notably Joey Essex who used to date one of the new arrivals. The new cast members are of course straight 10/10s, and have said they are ready to cause a stir and break up some couples.

Here’s everything you need to know about the three new bombshells who have joined the Love Island 2024 villa.

Grace Jackson

Age: 25

Grace is 25 and from Manchester, and is the co-owner of a social media agency. She was on the rumoured cast list before the show started, with bosses eyeing her up because she’s done some influencing and modelling, and is followed by Molly-Mae.

When asked why Love Island and why now, Grace said: “In my day and age, you don’t meet people on face value, it’s all off Instagram, Twitter and dating apps. Everything’s online! I’m excited to get to know someone on face value, and be somewhere where you’re forced to have a conversation and be a bit more open. This is something that would push me out of my comfort zone, I don’t really date a lot. I get myself in situationships with people I know that I shouldn’t give my time to!”

She said she’s single because the lifestyle of modelling and influencing can put guys off. “I like to go out and go abroad a lot,” Grace said. “They can’t keep up with my lifestyle! It’s the life that I want, and it helps with my business. To sit in and be single, I can’t understand why I would do that in my peak and my mid-20s.”

Wil Anderson

Age: 23

Next up is Wil, who is 23 and from Whitley Bay. He works as a quantity surveyor, and you might have heard his name before because Wil’s brother is Newcastle United midfielder Elliot Anderson.

Wil is 6″4 and said that’s one of his best features, as well as his smile and personality. He said: “I like a girl to have a pretty smile, a good personality and would like someone who is down to earth and humble.”

When asked why he wants to be on Love Island, Wil said: “I wanted to be single for the last year because I’ve been in two serious relationships from the age of 18 but, now I feel like it’s time to put myself back out there. I want to feel that love again.”

Tiffany Leighton

Age: 25

The last of the three new Love Island 2024 bombshells is Tiff, who is 25 and from Hertfordshire. She currently works in HR. Tiffany said she wants to be on Love Island because she is “finally done with living my best single life and ready to find the man of my dreams.”

She added: “If there is one thing my fellow Islanders need to know about me is that I always get what I want and I am ready to find love in the villa, so watch out boys. ”

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