Who she loves and who needs to be dumped: Georgia Steel dishes the dirt on Love Island 2024

Ofc she’s defending Harriett

Love Island 2024 is missing a bit of Georgia Steel. I miss her. She was truly chaos on All Stars, but every night I’d sit down and be fascinated by what drama she was going to bring to the table next.

But she’s back babes! Former Love Island contestant Georgia Steel has told Heart Bingo all of her opinions on the new Islanders, and what’s going down in the villa right now. She’s shared who she’s loving, and most importantly, who she thinks needs to be axed from the villa straight away. Here’s what the queen of chaos herself has had to say. 

Georgia loves Joey Essex and thinks he could win Love Island 2024

Love Island 2024

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Georgia has said she believes Joey Essex will win this year’s Love Island, suggesting his appearance in the villa is to genuinely find love rather than enhance his career.

“I really like Joey Essex – he’s my favourite out of the boys to win,” Georgia said. “He’s really bringing the entertainment to the villa and making the show watchable. I feel like he wanted to experience the opportunity – he’s gone in there with open eyes and wanted to see what it’s like.

“I don’t really think it’s a ‘career move’ – I think it’s more about experiencing an opportunity and using it to his advantage to show the public who you really are. I’d definitely like to think he’s in there to meet someone because that’s what Love Island is about. If he was already with someone, then he wouldn’t go in.

“You have to be a bit lucky on Love Island to make things work and he will know that, so I think he’ll be going in with an open mind and seeing how things pan out, so I definitely don’t think it’s a career move or anything.”

But she savagely thinks some people need to be dumped from the Love Island 2024 villa ASAP

Love Island 2024

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Georgia was then asked which of the current Islanders are most risk of being dumped from the villa next, and she savagely doesn’t rate the chances of Munveer and Sean after the first week.

She said: “I’m looking at certain people who haven’t had a connection yet like Munveer and Sean, who have had a week to work something, but nothing’s really blossomed for them.

“There doesn’t really seem to be much other than friendships for them at the moment which means it becomes difficult for the public to really connect with them, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see either of them leave the show when the next dumping takes place.”

‘I hope Jess and Ronnie get back together’

Love Island 2024

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Recently there’s been a lot of drama between Jess and Ronnie, and Ronnie also having eyes for Harriett – and potentially all the other girls in the villa, if I’m being honest. Georgia addressed this, and Ronnie’s half-arsed recoupling speech, and said she’s still hopeful they will get back together later on.

“I love Jess and I’d have done exactly the same as her!” Georgia said. “I feel like she really knows her worth – the recoupling speech made her feel like an idiot and she obviously made that clear. It was a completely fair reaction and she had every right to speak to him about it.

“Having said that, I sort of understand Ronnie’s comments as well – it’s the first week and he’s just wanting to be open. Because he was with Jess the whole time it may have given people the assumption that he wasn’t keeping his options open, when in reality he is. Obviously he wants to get to know Harriett, but I hope him and Jess come back together. Fingers crossed!”

Georgia Steel has defended Harriett

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The person everyone is talking about in the Love Island 2024 villa is Harriett, and of course Georgia Steel has jumped to defend a fellow girlie who loves the drama.

Georgia told Radio Times: “I think Harriett is causing a lot of drama, and I know she’s obviously very controversial – but you’ve got to think from an entertainment point of view, the people that are in that drama, we have to thank them because they’re the people that have given us the entertainment.

“And it isn’t that deep. Like, it is just a reality TV show. It’s not that deep. Things are manipulated!… The way I try and word it to people is that it’s similar to, like, a soap – you watch it for entertainment, you want drama.”

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