The Traitors Charlotte Conor Maynard wife

The Traitors Charlotte’s wife has spoken out about Conor Maynard pregnancy drama

‘Charlotte has stated in interviews she was single, which wasn’t the case at all’

Charlotte Chilton from The Traitors UK series two claimed last week that she is pregnant, and singer Conor Maynard is the father – now her estranged wife Laura has spoken out about it all for the first time. Laura is claiming that the two were still together when Charlotte met Maynard at The Traitors wrap party.

Speaking in a video last week, Charlotte said on her Instagram: “So, I’ve really toyed whether this is the right thing to do. I’ve hidden a lot of things through the protection of somebody else through this process. I decided the best thing is to always be open and honest. Essentially, I have not named the father in protection of him. I’m prepared to do this alone. But I’m not prepared to have my daughter and not be able to say who her birth father. Or hide it from her. She deserves to know where she comes from, she’s not a dirty secret, I’m not a secret and won’t be treated like one.”

“I feel like I’m being muzzled to protect someone else who has a full legal team… I am standing up for myself regardless for if it comes back to me. I can’t be quiet and shut up anymore.

“I feel like I just don’t matter and I don’t want that for my daughter. Even though this makes me feel sick to do this because everyone has told me not to. He doesn’t even talk to me anymore, it’s [his team].”

Conor Maynard and Charlotte Chilton met at The Traitors series two wrap party, where they were introduced via winner Harry Clark who is dating Maynard’s sister.

Charlotte had mentioned on the show that she was married to now estranged wife Laura, who has spoken out for the first time since the news of Maynard being Charlotte’s child’s father broke last week.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Laura Chilton spoke candidly about the news Charlotte is claiming Conor Maynard is the father of her child. “Charlotte has stated in interviews that she was single and had been single since the filming of Traitors which wasn’t the case at all. We were still in a relationship when she was filming the show.

“She went down to the London for this wrap party – I read she had been forced to go down – she wasn’t forced to go at all. She was seizing that opportunity. I had a feeling something had gone on because she decided she would stay an extra day – which was obviously the night she got with this Conor Maynard which I had caught wind of as she mentioned to me he had a crush on her and she wasn’t interested – we were still together.

“But she is making out to everyone that we weren’t together at the time – I want to make it clear that we were. I spoke to Charlotte last night and just said stop it, stop feeding this media attention but it is becoming clear it is what she wants.”

Conor Maynard is yet to publicly address the allegations Charlotte Chilton is claiming about being pregnant with his child.

The Tab approached Charlotte Chilton for comment and she declined. The Tab has approached Conor Maynard for comment.

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