The Traitors cast drama

Inside the wild The Traitors cast drama, where Mollie has now unfollowed winner Harry

Charlotte is pregnant with Conor Maynard’s baby!?

The Traitors series two cast are currently in the midst of a lot of honestly baffling drama, which has seen some unfollowing the winner Harry – including Mollie, who was famously extremely close to him and finished as runner up after trusting him too much during the game. The drama gets even weirder, though – as Faithful Charlotte Chilton has revealed she is pregnant with singer Conor Maynard’s baby who she met at a Traitors party after the show. What the hell is going on? It’s all a bit mad, so here’s a full rundown of all The Traitors cast drama that’s going on right now for those finding it harder to follow than it is to sniff out a Traitor at a roundtable.

Charlotte reveals she’s pregnant with Conor Maynard’s baby

Charlotte Chilton has opened up about how she is pregnant and claims the child’s father is singer Conor Maynard (yeah, that one) – who she met at a wrap party for series two of The Traitors and this all seems to be where the cast drama is stemming from. Charlotte claims Conor Maynard has since blocked her, and told her that he “doesn’t want anything to do with it”.

Charlotte explained on socials “I’ve really toyed with whether this is the right thing to do or not. I’ve sort of hidden a lot of things in the protection of somebody else through this process.

“I decided that the best thing is to always be open and honest. Essentially I have not named the father in protection of him. I’m prepared to do this alone, but I’m not prepared to have my daughter have to grow up and not be able to say who her father is, or should I say, birth father, or hide it from her.

“She deserves to know where she comes from. I’m not a secret, she’s not a dirty secret. I won’t be silenced.” She added: “I met him after The Traitors wrap party and we started seeing each other and Penelope arrived in my tummy!”

Charlotte previously spoke about her wife on the show, but met Conor Maynard not long after the two split. It is worth noting that Conor Maynard’s sister Anna is in a relationship with Harry who won the show.

Some of The Traitors cast have now unfollowed winner Harry 

Charlotte has unfollowed Harry on Instagram now, as has Mollie Pearce – the runner up who was royally screwed over by Harry in the final and missed out on a lot of money because of it. Despite the fact she said she didn’t blame him or have any beef with him after the show, Mollie no longer follows Harry on social media.

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