hidden Bridgerton symbolism

This hidden Bridgerton symbolism you missed will make you love Colin and Penelope even more

The details!

Bridgerton season three is FULL of hidden and meaningful symbolism that you probably missed if you were watching whilst scrolling on Insta. From all the different colours having special meanings to Colin’s gift to Violet being symbolic, the minds of the people behind this show are just so bloody good.

But a Bridgerton viewer has just noticed yet another bit of hidden symbolism from season three and I’m emotional all over again and begging for part two to come quicker.

Basically, in the scene in episode four where Colin goes to the ball and tries to stop Penelope accepting Lord Debling’s proposal, he’s wearing suspenders with lilac flowers on them. Very cottage core vibes from him.

But in season two of the show when Violet and Daphne are planning a ball when organising the flowers, Daphne tells her mother: “You may wish to add in lilac, Mama. symbolic of first love.” I’m crying right now!

Another viewer also pointed out that not only are lilac Edmund’s (Colin’s dad) favourite but throughout loads of the Colin and Penelope scenes they are surrounded by lilac all around them. I actually can’t wait to rewatch this a million times to try and spot all the easter eggs I missed.

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