‘It’s f***ing disappointing’: Nicola Coughlan responds to ‘insulting’ comments on her body

‘There is so much discourse online about how I look, and I don’t think I could ever express how hard that is’

Nicola Coughlan has responded to “disappointing” comments people have made about her body whilst doing promo for her new season of Bridgerton.

Addressing the constant barrage of hate in a Stylist cover interview, she called the comments “insulting,” “disappointing” and “reductive”.

“There is so much discourse online about how I look, and I don’t think I could ever express how hard that is,” Nicola said. “It’s insulting because I worked hard on this show; a year of fittings and dance lessons and shooting, I barely saw my family, I gave it my absolute all,” she added.

“And then I start doing press and all people want to talk about is my body? It’s so fucking disappointing and reductive.”

Nicola Coughlan body

Via Netflix

But this is not the first time Nicola has been forced to address people commenting on her body. Back in 2022, Nicola took to Instagram to directly ask people to stop commenting on her body.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, she said: “Hello! So just a thing – if you have an opinion about my body please, please don’t share it with me. Most people are being nice and not trying to be offensive but I am just one real life human being and it’s really hard to take the weight of thousands of opinions on how you look being sent directly to you every day.”

“If you have an opinion about me that’s ok, I understand I’m on TV and that people will have things to think and say but I beg you not to send it to me directly,” she added.

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