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Bridgerton viewer has VERY juicy theory on how Colin will react to the Whistledown reveal

Okay but this is so convincing

So the trailer for Bridgerton part two was released yesterday and it’s got everyone ridiculously excited. But the main thing everyone is now thinking and stressing over is how it’s gonna go when Colin finds out that Penelope is Lady Whistledown.

From the trailer, we can deduce that after announcing their engagement Eloise asks Pen to tell Colin about Whistledown or she will. The whole thing looks very dramatic. But will this happen before or after the wedding? And how will Colin react? Especially after he did his big speech about wanting to ruin Whistledown?

Well, one Bridgerton fan has a theory about what will happen next and it sounds pretty convincing. Basically, they think that Colin will find out about Penelope being Whistledown and it will cause a big fuss but he will ultimately accept it. Then they get married and Pen is still risking her safety by going out in the dead of night for deliveries. It is this that causes the “what good am I to you” argument that we see in the trailer. This is also why they might be arguing when they are married.

Someone else added that it sounds like it will follow the books, where he accepts it but expects her to give it up until he catches her doing it in the middle of the night.

But another viewer delved more into the whole “what good am I to you” scene we see in the trailer and explained how it’s a twist on the Damsel in distress trope. Basically, at first glance Penelope is the damsel and Colin the hero, but Lady Whistledown is powerful and a damsel is never powerful.

Therefore the hero isn’t needed and this isn’t the happy ending he thought he would get where he would be needed and relied on. I need part two IMMEDIATELY.

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