Charithra Chandran since Bridgerton

Music videos and modelling: Everything Charithra Chandran has been up to since Bridgerton

She’s yet to find her love match in real life too

Charithra Chandran stole our hearts in the second season of Bridgerton as Edwina Sharma, leaving fans devastated when her season came to an end without her finding a love match. Now that season three is finally here, Charithra is one member of the ‘Ton whose absence is noticeable and fans can’t help but wonder what the actress is up to now her job in Bridgerton is done.

It appears the actress has been booked and busy in the past two years, trying out TONS of different creative modes from music videos to radio dramas. So, here’s everything our favourite younger Sharma sister has done since keeping Lady Whistledown’s gossip pages turning.

Charithra has gotten into voice acting

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In June 2022, soon after Bridgerton season two’s release, Charithra voiced Camille in an audio adaptation of Pam Gems’ stage play of the same name. The adaptation was released on BBC Radio Three and was shortlisted for the 2023 BBC Audio Drama Awards for Best Adaptation!

The acaress also voiced Mia in A Mid-Semester Night’s Dream (we’ll let you guess which Shakespeare play that’s an adaptation of) in September 2022. The series is a podcast romcom released by Meet Cute, and was released with six episodes.

She’s won a Glamour Award

In November 2022, Charithra won the Samsung UK Rising Star Award for helping to “change the face of television” through her role in Bridgerton as a member of “the first South Asian family to be main characters in a period drama.”

She was in a music video with another Bridgeton star!

She took us back to Y2K when she shared her role in Pink Panthress’ Mosquito music video last September, where she featured alongside fellow Bridgerton star India Amarteifio, Pink Panthress herself and Yara Shahidi. The video was giving major early-2000s Bratz vibes and we’re definitely here for it.

Charithra also made her musical theatre debut

Miss Edwina Sharma has been booked and BUSY, with her West End debut as Eileen in Instructions for a Teenage Armageddon happening in March 2024. The show was an “80-minute monologue”, and while it wasn’t given glowing reviews, Charithra Chandra herself was. The Evening Standard said that she brought “wet-eyed vulnerability” to the performance, while the Guardian called her performance “energetic.”

She’s still trying to find her Anthony


I will only ever run away from them 🏃‍♀️

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Charithra has recently started posting TikTok videos about dating. Just last month, she posted a viral video saying that she “can’t do” meeting men in running clubs. “I’ll run a mile away from a man,” she jokingly added. In another video, she lamented over the idea of getting rejected by a man you don’t even like. She also shared in a 2023 interview with Cosmopolitan that she used to get “no attention from guys.” She also said she doesn’t use apps because she worries that “someone’s dating me for clout.” We hope she finds her Mr Bridgerton soon!

She starred in an Amazon Prime movie

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Charithra has proven her love of playing a teenager; soon after her West End debut as an angsty 17-year-old, she also starred as Amelia in Amazon Prime’s teen romcom How to Date Billy Walsh alongside Heartstopper actor Sebastian Croft. The movie took us right back to our Wild Child, 2000s British romcom phase, and was the perfect throw back to our favourite teen romance films.

Charithra has featured on magazine covers

She has stunned fans on the covers of Cosmopolitan, Teen Vogue, WWW UK and Conde Nast Traveller’s 2022 Destination Wedding Guide since leaving her Bridgerton role. She’s become no stranger to modelling, as her Instagram is filled with professional photos of her in designer clothes and makeup, and she’s also modelled for H&M and Levi’s.

She is now producing shows

The actress is now getting into producing, with upcoming production roles in two different series. It was announced in 2022 that she’s planning to lead and associate produce an upcoming drama series Song of Sun God, based on the novel of the same name by Shankari Chandran, as well as starring in and producing another drama series and book adaptation, Arzu.

Charitha has been getting into activism


Replying to @Anon i hope you’ll give me some good will and grace in the comments. Also sorry about the hair, it’s hair oiling day 💁🏾‍♀️ #colourism #darkskin #fyp

♬ original sound – Charithra Chandran

Charithra has been vocal about the effects of colourism and racism on her social media, and regularly talks about being an actress of Indian descent. She spoke about her experience of colourism in an interview with Teen Vogue, saying: “No one let me forget that I was dark-skinned growing up […] whenever we’d go around in India, they’d always say, ‘Oh, you’d be pretty if you had your grandmother’s colouring’ […] I’m trying to unlearn it.”

She loves spending time with family


Not bad for having practiced the night before. Also how amazing does my AUNTY look 😍 #fyp #sarangadariya #saipallavi #pongal #tamil #telugu #telugusong #pongalcelebrations #tamilsongs

♬ original sound – Charithra Chandran

Charithra has spoken about her love for her family many times in the past, and in January she travelled 180 miles to dance with multiple family members at an event for the Association of Overseas Residents of Tamil Nadu. How sweet is the above video she posted on her TikTok?

What’s next for Charithra?

We’re sure that Charithra is going to be incredibly busy in the next few years with all of her upcoming projects. It’s been announced that she’s also starring in an upcoming web series called Pillow Talk alongside her production roles. But outside of TV and entertainment, it seems that the Bridgerton star has some more unconventional dreams.

She told the Guardian in April 2024 that she hopes to one day set up a micro-community in Tamil Nadu near her grandparent’s home. There, she wants to build solar powered factories staffed by women that share the profits, to “show the world that there are other ways of running businesses and communities; that profit maximisation doesn’t have to be the ultimate goal.”

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