Trisha Paytas Baby Reindeer

Guys, Trisha Paytas has said Netflix should have cast her as Martha in Baby Reindeer

What a crossover??

So amidst the whole storm following Fiona Harvey, AKA Baby Reindeer’s real-life Martha’s appearance on Piers Morgan’s show Uncensored, we’ve got Trisha Paytas saying she should have been cast as Martha in Baby Reindeer. No, I’m not joking.

Controversial YouTuber Trisha Paytas, yes the one who everyone was convinced her baby was the queen reincarnate, posted a video on TikTok mouthing along to Fiona Harvey’s Piers Morgan interview. The caption reads: “They should have cast me as Martha”. And could you actually imagine?

She has the interview nailed down word for word as the snippet goes: “He asked me to sleep with him, with a big green spot on his face one day I said no I’m sorry I’m not interested. He asked me to sleep with him. He said would I like my curtains fixed and I laughed and he said that’s a euphemism. Do you want me to come home with you?”

The comments are full of people going absolutely feral with one person saying: “You would have made it so much better and funnier”, another person suggesting: “No because she’s onto something” and a third person adding: “You are so good at Scottish accents!! You totally should have been cast!”

But instead, Martha is played by Jessica Gunning, who said she “really cared about Martha” after reading about the character for the first time, adding that rather than feeling aversion towards her, she was instead intrigued by her different personas.

Explaining that she never met or researched Richard’s real-life stalker, Jessica chose not to “muddy” the character and explained the importance of “interpretation” rather than “impersonation” when playing Martha, who was of course based on Fiona Harvey.

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