As well as his hate list, Ben wrote Ellie a ‘game plan’ and threatened to leave MAFS Australia

‘You have three to five days left, be kind’

As well as his elaborate list of things he hates about MAFS Australia wife Ellie, it’s been revealed Ben also wrote her a “game plan” telling her exactly what she needed to do to prevent him from quitting the show altogether.

Just when you though Ben couldn’t get any more unhinged with his lists and demands for Ellie, he’s gone and outdone himself here. So, last night the couple did a full turn when Ben went from penning love songs about her to listing everything he hated about Ellie… all in one episode.

His list of hates included things like her wearing makeup, vaping, and how he wakes her up when he walks into their shared bedroom. Yes, really.

Ben wrote wife Ellie a game plan on MAFS Australia 2024

via Channel 9 / E4

But, bonus content! The next page of his notepad of cursed content contained a “game plan” for his final days with Ellie. Ben gave her a list (he loves a good list!) of how she needs to behave, and a “three to five day” trial period, saying if things didn’t improve, he’d leave at the next commitment ceremony. Sounds healthy!

It parts of the notepad obtained by So Dramatic!, Ben said: “You have three to five days left. Be kind. Be in the moment. Enjoy the experience.” He added to himself that he will “surrender and accept it’s over”. He concluded: “Have a laugh where possible. It costs $0.00 to be kind.”

Speaking to So Dramatic! about what he wrote, Ben said he and Ellie’s “biggest divider” was their communication styles. “I struggle because, at times, my language can be harsh or too direct,” he said. “Ellie has a kind soul, and I’m a bit rough around the edges.

“Good connection through good communication, especially trust, is my number one value. I never fully had that with Ellie.”

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