MAFS Australia production got so angry at Ben his friends and family visit was edited out

Ben would ‘constantly speak in riddles’ and production ended up ‘yelling at him’ over it

This week on MAFS Australia 2024 it’s been family and friends week, but one couple had a lot of drama but no visit shown – Ben and Ellie. Despite everything that’s been going down with them, viewers didn’t get to see any family members or friends coming to visit the married couple.

People have been wondering why the couple seem to have been cut from the visits, and the apparent reason is so strange. According to MAFS Uncensored, there were scenes filmed with Ellie and Ben, but producers of the show chose to cut them because of how weird Ben was being. The producers are said to have literally thought he was acting so strangely it would just confuse viewers.

A source close to production told the gossip page they opted against using the footage of the couples’ visits, as Ben would “ruin scenes by stopping mid convo just to call out production.”

Ben and Ellie were cut from MAFS Australia 2024 family and friends week

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The post added: “Ben would constantly speak in riddles throughout filming with participants getting confused AF and he even had an altercation with production when filming family week, with one producer yelling at him halfway through because he kept bringing up production and how they were just trying to make him look bad.”

Yikes! This does kind of make sense though, as at the end of the last episode we saw Ben questioning why the cameras were following him when he stormed out of his and Ellie’s apartment, and telling producers “you’ve missed hours and you’re not getting anything”.

This all happened as it was revealed Ben had gone from writing a song to Ellie, to penning a full list of everything he hates about her and their relationship.

Ben and Ellie weren’t the only couple to be completely edited out of family and friends week – Jono and Lauren got the same treatment, too. According to a production insider, they also did get a visit from friends, but production cut it because it was so boring.


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