What MAFS Australia’s Richard said about Andrea that was so explicit it was cut from UK show

In the most recent commitment ceremony, Andrea said she felt ‘disrespected’

In the latest MAFS Australia commitment ceremony, we saw cracks in the marriage of Andrea and Richard. They had previously had a pretty smooth run, but Andrea said she had been left uncomfortable by some of Richard’s previous comments about her.

She was talking to the experts about the week before, in which Richard had been pretty frank and explicit about his sex life with Andrea, in front of the whole group. Andrea said she wasn’t happy being spoken about in that way, and what Richard did say about her had previously been cut from the UK airing of the show on E4.

Married at First Sight Australia is shown in the UK on E4 before the watershed, so explicit comments and bad language are omitted from the final edit.

“The way Richie spoke about us and the words he used, I think that really affected me emotionally,” Andrea said to the experts at the commitment ceremony. So what did Richard say?

Richard and Andrea at MAFS Australia 2024 commitment ceremony

via Channel 9 / E4

Last week at the commitment ceremony, Richard and Andrea had been pressed by the MAFS Australia 2024 experts and the group for details on how their marriage was going, and how intimate they had been. “We did intimacy week the week before intimacy week,” Richard told the group.

“We gazed, we hugged, we fucked, we shagged, we did everything,” he added. “We did the whole lot.” Speaking in the most recent commitment ceremony, Andrea also expressed her dislike for Richard saying the couple had “gazed” and “engaged in licking”. She also said she didn’t like the way Richard had told the group how often a day they were intimate.

“I felt disrespected,” she told the experts. “I felt like my bubble burst.” Richard then said he was “gutted” about how his openness had made Andrea feel, but between them they accepted Richard wasn’t aware his actions would upset Andrea, and they could still move forward together.

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