Jayden hooked up with ex bride Carolina before MAFS Australia 2024

Um, Jayden hooked up with this season nine villain bride before MAFS Australia 2024

‘I would literally kick a door down if anyone tried to mess with him, he’s such a good boy’

It turns out Jayden Eynaud from MAFS Australia 2024 hooked up with previous villain bride Carolina Santos before filming for the most recent season of the show. What a wild crossover!

Speaking on a podcast, season nine star Carolina shared all about their run-in, and said she had a “confession” to make, before saying she had hooked up with someone from the most recent season of MAFS, which she later revealed to be Jayden.

On the MAFS Villain Roundtable, she said: “It was New Year’s Day, I was really drunk, we were at Cali Beach.” She then said it was Jayden she was with, to which co-host and fellow MAFS bride Alyssa Barmonde added: “Oh he’s so nice.”

Olivia Frazer then explained some of the context of the night, and said Carolina had lost her Louis Vuitton bag, and “Jayden being the gentleman he is” tracked it down and gave it back to her. “I would literally kick a door down if anyone tried to mess with him, he’s such a good boy,” Olivia said.

Carolina then said the story of them hooking up was “leaked”, and this was before Jayden even began applying for MAFS Australia 2024. “I actually believe he leaked it himself,” she said. “It’s not a secret anymore.”


it simply wouldn’t be MAFS without a cross-season hook up 😘 #mafs #mafsaustralia #mafsvillains #marriedatfirstsight

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This isn’t the only MAFS crossover Jayden has found himself in. It’s also been reported he hooked up with current bride Jade before the show, too. Jayden and Jade had “intimate interactions regularly” and apparently the current cast members were well aware they knew one another already.


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