Um, so Jack’s been accused of bad mouthing Tori to his clients after MAFS Australia 2024

‘He’s been telling everyone she turns psycho’

There’s been heavy speculation about whether Tori and Jack have managed to make it work together after MAFS Australia 2024. They’re obviously not allowed to share much on social media, but they have gone and got matching tattoos together, which is a big move.

However, now there are some reports that make it seem there may be trouble in paradise for the couple after the show, as it’s been claimed Jack has been bad mouthing Tori to his clients at work since the experiment came to an end.

Jack works as a personal trainer, and whilst Married at First Sight has been airing some of his clients have had a word or two to say about him. One said Jack “made them feel like shit” during their sessions, and now another has spilled all about him allegedly talking about Tori after the show has ended.

Jack has been accused of bad mouthing Tori after MAFS Australia 2024

via Channel 9 / E4

Talking in a MAFS fan page about working with Jack, one client presumed the couple must no longer be together because of what he had apparently been heard saying. When asked if they are still together, they said: “I presume not since he’s been telling everyone she ‘turns psycho’ and was apparently flirting with another guy at the reunion.”

However, according to So Dramatic!, no such thing happened at the reunion. Plus, Tori has been revealed as planning to move to Jack’s home in the Gold Coast. So, who do we trust?

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