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Rumours to relationship: Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover’s chaos journey to exclusivity

This should give anyone in a situationship some hope

Summer House is officially back for its eighth iconic season and, from the preview at the end of episode one, we can already see long-term cast member Paige DeSorbo and her long-distance boyfriend Craig Conover (from Southern Charm) are gearing up for a big fight.

Craig and Paige’s relationship has always been cutely chaotic. You can tell they’re obsessed with each other—but their road to exclusivity wasn’t the smoothest. So, whether you’re just jumping into Summer House, or you’re intrigued about Paige’s boyfriend after she mentioned his questionable fashion choices on her podcast, Giggly Squad, here’s all you need to know about Craig Conover and Paige DeSorbo’s relationship:

February 2021 – Paige and Craig start hanging out at Winter House


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Craig and Paige first started spending time together when they were both filming for Winter House in February 2021. They never hooked up though as Craig was dating his Southern Charm co-star Natalie Hegnauer at the time. However, not long after filming for the series ended they’d split up.

October 2022 – Paige dismisses questions about getting engaged


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Although Paige had previously said in interviews she wouldn’t want a proposal from Craig until they’d been together for at least a year, she later said she’d actually like much more time before taking the huge step.

“Honestly, Carl [Radke] and Lindsay getting engaged made everyone start asking me [about my own possible engagement], so I’m livid,” she said at BravoCon in October 2022. “I am not in a rush to do anything. I feel like I really love where we are right now.”

May 2023 – Craig has doubts about their relationship on-screen


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Last Spring, Paige brought up marriage again: “The thought of getting engaged and getting married and being someone’s wife is very f—king scary,” she admitted on an episode of Summer House.

And in a later episode, Craig also expressed concerns about their relationship: “Everyone in the world can see that something is wrong except the one person that I wanna see,” he said. When Paige asked him why he was crying, he added: “Every time I get sad about something or I have a feeling, your response is, ‘Stop being a f—king p—y.'”

December 2023 – Paige suggests they just get married in a chapel in Las Vegas


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After relentless questions about their non-engagement, Paige admitted to Elite Daily she’d suggested to Craig they just go and get married while they were in Vegas for BravoCon. “I said, ‘Let’s go do it in a chapel,'” she said. “Craig chickened out, though.”

Of his decision, Craig explained: “I’m not going to get married in Vegas. I want something more real than that.”

February 2024 – Going strong as fans worry about their long-distance living situation


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Although Paige and Craig seem pretty happy in their relationship (besides the upcoming drama on the recently filmed series of Sumer House), fans are worried about their long-distance living situation where they travel between Craig’s house in South Carolina and Paige’s apartment in New York to see each other.

“There’s a lot of outside pressure,” Craig admitted on an episode of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen. “I have no idea what we’re gonna do.” Stress!

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