Leo Woodall One Day nepo baby

Hold on, Leo Woodall from One Day is actually a nepo baby from a long line of actors

It’s always the way, isn’t it?

Just when you’ve fallen in love with Leo Woodall in The White Lotus and then One Day, you get slapped in the face with the news that he’s a nepo baby. All the good ones are, eh? Yep, I had no clue when I watched either, but Leo Woodall actually comes from a long line of very successful actors.

He’s rocketed to fame and even deeper in our hearts this year after playing Dexter on Netflix’s massively successful adaptation of One Day – making a superstar of a somewhat star known for his role in The White Lotus previously. But it seems acting was actually in the nepo baby blood of Leo Woodall, and this was no fluke.

Leo Woodall’s mum went to drama school, where she met his dad – Andrew Woodall. Andrew Woodall is a successful actor, best known for his titular turn in Julius Caesar. Leo’s stepfather Alexander Morton is another actor, who’s starred in Taggart, Second Sight and Monarch of the Glen.

But most importantly, Leo Woodall’s great-great-great-great-grandmother is Maxine Elliott – a huge start of silent movies and a theatre owner.

Speaking on what his family might think of his acting career, Leo Woodall told the Guardian “I’ve always felt this personal pressure to make it. And they’ve always been wonderful and supportive. It’s definitely an approval thing. It’s nothing to do with how they are. It’s completely self-inflicted. And that’s OK, I suppose. It’s a motivator.”

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