iconic telly moments

You can only call yourself a TV expert if you can spot all 40 of these iconic telly moments

Finally putting your niche reality TV knowledge to the test!

There’s been some absolutely iconic moments on the telly over the years. Whether it’s the classic Big Brother “David’s dead’ moment, Come Dine with Me’s “You’ve won Jane” or more recent moments like Diane from The Traitors in her coffin, there’s been so much content that has kept us FED on memes for years.

But now someone’s made a puzzle of all the most iconic moments on British TV from over the last 50 years and you’ve got to spot and name them all to prove you’re a telly expert. So here it is:

iconic telly moments


All the individual moments were decided by a survey of 2,000 people where they had to vote on the most ionic, funny and shocking moments on TV. They were then collated by artist Bill McConkey into this absolute masterpiece. You’ve now got to name them all to prove you’re really an expert. Some of the shows ar more than 40 years old whilst others have happened in just the last couple of months. So, how many did you manage?

Spoiler alert: Stop scrolling now unless you want the answers revealed:

iconic telly moments


So here’s the full list of the most iconic telly moments:

1. Only Fools and Horses – Del Boy falls through the bar
2. Fawlty Towers – “Don’t Mention the War” scene
3. Britain’s Got Talent – Susan Boyle’s first audition
4. Strictly Come Dancing – Rose Ayling-Ellis dances without music
5. The Office – David Brent dance scene
6. Planet Earth II – Baby iguanas are chased by racer snakes
7. The Inbetweeners – Bus wankers
8. EastEnders – Dirty Den’s death
9. EastEnders – You ain’t my mother
10. Line of Duty – Dot exposed as the Caddy
11. Gavin and Stacey – Nessa’s proposal
12. Coronation Street – Tram crash
13. This Morning – Gino D’Acampo “If my grandmother had wheels she would’ve been a bike”
14. BBC live interview of Guy Goma, who was wrongly mistaken for an interviewee
15. Celebrity Big Brother – “David’s Dead”
16. Come Dine with Me – “What a sad little life, Jane”
17. Sherlock – Sherlock falls from building (apparent death)
18. I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here” – Gillian McKeith collapses
19. BBC reporter gives the camera the middle finger
20. This Morning – Alison Hammond pushes sailor into the Albert Dock during weather report

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