Cow maths puzzle

Buckle up, this viral cow maths puzzle has truly fried everyone’s brains

The maths is not mathing right now

There’s a brand new maths puzzle muddling everyone’s heads on Twitter right now and my brain genuinely can’t take this. We’ve had monkey-themed brain teasers and riddles about women in boats already, but now the latest one is all about buying a cow. Cottage core vibes x

Everyone’s arguing about the answer on Twitter and no one can seem to get it right.

So, prepare to have your head scrambled with this viral cow maths puzzle:

The maths puzzle reads: I bought a cow for $800. I sold it for $1000. I bought it again for $1100. I sold it again for $1300. How much did I earn?”

Everyone is fighting over the answers online and apparently, people have guessed all these different answers: $100, $200, $300, $400, $500, $0, -$400, $1300 and $1500. The most popular answer seems to be $300, but is that correct?

Really feeling like I need to resit my GCSE maths right now. If you do want to make it easier for yourself though, people are recommending you write it all down to make it easier to visualise.

But if you’re still stuck, the answer and method are below.

Spoiler alert: Stop scrolling now if you don’t want the answer revealed

The answer is $400. Here’s the working out:

• Buy cow for $800
• Sell cow for $1000
• You now have +$200
• Buy cow back for $1100
You now have -$900
• Sell cow again for $1300
• Total profit = $400

Did you get it?

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