There’s an awkward old clip of Callum saying Jess is his ‘least favourite Islander’

Hopefully he’s changed his mind since then

Jess and Callum are currently coupled up together on Love Island: All Stars but an equal parts hilarious and awkward old clip of Callum shows him revealing that Jess is one of his “least favourite Islanders.”

The clip shows Molly, Callum and Georgia playing truth or dare together. Callum picks out a dare that reads “Who’s your least favourite Islander of the series?” Callum is left stuck before Georgia says it might be someone that he didn’t “gel with.”

Off-camera someone says they know Callum has a “name in his head but he’s too scared to say it,” before the trio start laughing. Callum then says: “Maybe the twins, Jess and Eve.” Yikes, hopefully he feels differently about his Jess now he’s in a couple with her on Love Island: All Stars.

And it looks like Callum should get his eyesight checked as just days ago he accidentally mixed up the two twins on Love Island. The morning after his fellow Islander heard him kissing Jess he decided to make her coffee and bring it to her in bed.

But when Callum handed the coffee to who he believed was Jess she seemed confused by his romantic gesture. She then told Callum she’d give the coffee to Jess and Callum realised he’d accidentally given the coffee to her twin Eve.

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