Drake nudes leaked memes

Everyone’s lost their minds over Drake’s nudes leaking and these memes prove it

Not the elephant’s trunk comparison

Okay, not to lower the tone or anything, but a video of someone who is allegedly meant to be Drake and who Drake has now allegedly confirmed is him has gone viral of the rapper masturbating on a private jet – yep, the nudes have leaked. And how does the world respond? With the most chaotic bunch of memes you’ve ever seen. Naturally. Drake is trending on Twitter and the whole website is in a frenzy, so here are the best memes about the alleged leaked Drake nudes via that plane video. Buckle up.

Will NOT be linking the video in so avoiding all the memes with them in, but Drake has apparently confirmed to his friend and Twitch streamer Adin Ross that it is him.

1. If I speak one word…

2. Lives won’t ever be the same

3. Stop this… no lies told though


5. I’m crying omg

6. Loling

7. We’re all in a state of stress right now at everything going ON

8. Nah I am howling

9. Not to be vile but this is me rn

10. Except he’s allegedly loving it

11. Live footage of me in my room right now

12. The world is in a state of shock

13. No wonder he’s so smug

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