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So, who is Anna Archer’s new boyfriend that she’s soft launched on TikTok?

Gutted it’s not me


So fitness enthusiasts and TikTok addicts alike may have noticed that Gymshark athlete Anna Archer has been less than subtle at hinting at her new relationship online. She’s posted TikToks dancing with her secret man where all we get is a glimpse of an arm or a mere reflection of him in her oven and she’s even teased of her “situationship” on her YouTube account. But who is the mystery man? People are starting to put theories together of who he could be based on a few clues.

So, who actually is the mysterious boyfriend of Anna Archer?

In a TikTok posted by Anna at the start of this year, she filmed herself dancing and miming to The Vamps, but the arm which suddenly appears for no other reason than to spin her around has been micro analysed by many of her followers. Despite one commenter writing “We all know who it is…”, opinions on who the rogue arm belongs to are divided among commenters on the TikTok.

Some people believed they cracked the code and thought it was without a doubt James Beardwell, a fitness influencer and fellow Gymshark athlete who Anna frequently spends time with. They’ve spent loads of time together recently and she’s also featured on his Instagram page where they uploaded a cheesy selfie together. Some fans were quick to suggest it could be him, writing “I think it’s James bc he wears a bracelet like that.”, while another commenter agreed and left “That is James’ bracelet.” I mean that’s a pretty big clue, right?

Others weren’t so sure, as there was enough reasonable doubt to suggest that it could be Olly Bowman, another of Anna’s friends who is also into fitness. Some of Anna’s followers suspected it could be him due to their personalities being “the exact same” and we already know Anna and him get on really well and have spent a lot of time together in the past. Like, that video of them breakdancing at an event together is too good.

But with a late entry, Anna’s second TikTok posted just a couple days later threw a bit of a spanner in the works for those theorising it could be James.

Smiling and miming along to another song, this time a remix of Hot N Cold (odd choice), Anna is pulled out of frame by a topless man, who we can only see a reflection of in the fridge behind her.

Well, it seems like all theories were thrown out of the window after Anna revealed her mystery boyfriend to be someone she met whilst out travelling in Australia late last year. Anna explained that they met organically when she walked past him and saw him chatting to someone she knew. She broke the ice fairly easily and before she knew it, they were seeing each other.

Anna also said on her podcast Inside Anna’s Mind that whilst she’s finally happy to be sharing her relationship with us all, she won’t be sharing his name as she doesn’t like the idea of her followers trying to find him and harass him. I mean, fair.

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The pair now live together in Australia (like, what?), right back where they met last year. And whilst we don’t have a name, it’s nice to see her happy and thriving. I am just so bitterly jealous.

Whoever the mystery man is, Anna’s soft launch era isn’t over yet and I reckon she’s got a few more teases up her sleeve until we find out more details, if ever.

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