Claudia Winkleman young

Photos of Claudia Winkleman with light hair have resurfaced and she looks wildly different

In my mind she came out of the womb with a fringe

Photos of Claudia Winkleman when she was young have been circulating online sending fans into frenzy and for good reason as she looks so crazily different.

Our beloved mother Claudia has a look, a look that she is extremely committed to. Black hair, fringe and thick eye makeup. It’s become so iconic that she’s one of these celebs you can dress up as for Halloween and put such minimal effort into your outfit but everyone will still know who you are.

If you’re anything like me then you lack a complete inability to imagine her looking any other way but despite this, she hasn’t always had her trademark barnet. In fact, in the resurfaced photos of her from the 90s she has light hair and looks so different you wouldn’t recognise her.

Claudia Winkleman young

via John Minihan/Evening Standard/Shutterstock

The photos of Claudia Winkleman when she was young show her without a black bob and the intense eye makeup she’s known for and she instead has a more natural and much lighter look. She’s wearing a denim shirt and the photos have that sepia toned, grainy feel that just screams the 90s and which insta girlies so desperately try to recreate with film cameras and editing on Canva.

It appears that the switch didn’t just flip over night and Claudia’s progression to her current look was a paced, linear one as as time went on her hair slowly became darker and the fringe made a gradual appearance.

via John Minihan/Evening Standard/Shutterstock

All the resurfacing of these photos has proved is that Claudia, the queen she is, can pull off anything but I think I am slightly more preferable to her goth appearance being a former emo myself. She is Mother now and she was Mother then.

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Featured image via John Minihan/Evening Standard/Shutterstock and Nils Jorgensen/Shutterstock.