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Inside Love Island: All Stars Hannah Elizabeth’s £32k worth of cosmetic surgery procedures

She underwent ‘Bratz doll’ facial surgery

Hannah Elizabeth is currently in the Love Island: All Stars villa, and has been open about the cosmetic surgery she’s had done over the years. She started getting the treatments from an early age as a Playboy Bunny, saying: “If you don’t like surgery you’re following the wrong girl I’ve been like this since I was 18 my Playboy days.”

From BBLs to a nose job the Love Island: All Stars cast member has had over £32k worth of cosmetic surgery over the years, so let’s break down everything Hannah Elizabeth has undergone.

‘Bratz doll’ facial surgery

Hannah went to Turkey to get a Bratz facial surgery done, where she got a fox eye lift, lateral blepharoplasty and breast implants. After she got the surgery she said that she felt “like a Bratz – I’m obsessed.”

She was also delighted with her breast implants saying: “Go big or go home babes. New breast implants after having the baby have really helped me fill out the loose pocket and also helped with my rippling. I’m blown away, I couldn’t be happier.”

Nose job and revision

Hannah had her first nose job in 2022 and underwent an additional revision last year. She wrote: “Couldn’t be happier from what I can see already. New year, new nose b*tch.”

Ngl she’s still slaying in that picture.

Brazilian bum lift

Hannah got a liquid BBL at the end of 2023 and had 500ml of filler inserted to achieve her desired look. She had initially got a previous BBL in 2018 and wrote in an Instagram post: “Goodbye old bum! So happy to be able to fulfil my dream of a perfect bum thanks to Serene Cosmetic and Dr Aslani.”

Hannah explained why she wanted the procedure: “I wanted to get a BBL done because I lost a lot of weight and felt skinny. I used to like my bum but then I lost it. I felt a lot of pressure from social media and seeing everyone with a perfect peach so I thought ‘I want to do it’.”

Lip filler

Over the years Hannah has had a lot of lip filler, and even started her own lip filler studio, although the page hasn’t been active since February 2022.

Criticism over her cosmetic surgeries

Hannah has been open about those who criticise the surgery she gets, saying: “People are getting on my new big t*ts today. I’m gonna shut up now. Do you know what else I find really mad?

“So you get invasive surgery, and the next day you’re obviously bruised and swollen because you’ve been cut open and people are shocked and people expect that that’s your end result, and they just expect you to look flawless the next day.”

It’s great that she’s so open about all the procedures she gets, and she’s certainly not the only Islander in the villa who has been under the knife!

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