These are the hottest new fashion trends predicted for 2024, according to TikTok

Please god, not capri pants

Each year, we’re told by some fashion wizards online what we should and shouldn’t be wearing for the new season and I end up throwing out half my wardrobe in an effort to stay relevant. So much so, that I now actively avoid trends in an effort to not replace my wardrobe every four months when the next hot item goes viral on TikTok. Some of this year’s predicted trending items are downright rank – most of them are, actually. But some of them I can see being pulled off by the extreme fashion girlies among us, and I can’t wait to witness it. So, to get ahead of what’s set to be in this year, here’s a list of predicted 2024 trends as told by TikTok.

Ombre tights

predicted 2024 trends tiktok

via xsilk

For some reason, ombre tights are set to be one of the biggest predicted 2024 trends, according to TikToker @glowupu. I’m not sure I agree. Maybe a light denier ombre would work but the tights which are predicted to be big in 2024 are specifically coloured. I don’t see myself bopping around in red ombre tights, but thanks for the tip.


Contrary to what you might think, bows aren’t just for Christmas and are said to be a top trending item this year. That doesn’t only mean in hair, but also on shoes and outerwear too. I think this is such an easy accessory to add to an outfit to really level it up. Bows are a win from me.

Slim trousers


heres what i think will be trending in 2024 lemme hear your thoughts 🎀🎀🎀 #2024trends #2024fashiontrends #2024fashionprediction

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It seems like we’re expected to throw out out our wide leg jeans and trousers now, as TikToker @rebecaoksana “knows for a fact” that slim trousers and jeans will be trending in 2024. The millennials playing the long game may finally win this year. Baggy trousers are so 2023.

The bum bag

via AllSaints

Apparently the bum bag is going to make a comeback, but in a different form entirely. Forget the standard zip up pack, it turns out we’re set to see a complete resurgence of the staple accessory in a funky new form. These new bum bags look a lot like belts and are giving Y2K vibes in my opinion.

Cherry red

I LOVE this trend. Arguably a 2023 trend which has been carried across, cherry red is going to go even bigger in 2024 and I cannot wait. Influencers like Lauren Candy can take the credit for sharing this luscious colour with us all.

The exposed bra

I’m undecided on this one – the return of the exposed bra looms, but more as a bustier this time. Inspired by Carrie Bradshaw’s looks in Sex and the City, the exposed bras isn’t a new trend, but rather than straps and cups being on show we’re apparently going to see a lot of open top style outfits instead.

Embellished tights

This one gets a bit fat no thanks from me. Tights with ribbons and other embellishments like gems are apparently going to be all that in 2024. Apart from the fact that they look hideous, they are the most impractical thing possibly ever. If I wanted to dress like a doll I’d buy a Barbie.

Cheetah print

via ASOS

Good news, you can dig out your parent’s vintage M&S cheetah print from because it’s set to be big this year. We’re talking coats, bags, scarves – the whole hog. I can finally embrace my inner Kat Slater and I’m very happy about it.

Capri pants

via ASOS

I’m really not sure on this one. It’s giving the same feel as baggy dad jorts but with more of a Marilyn Monroe twist. I reckon only a niche group will pull these off this year, but I’m excited to see it nontheless.

Snakeskin print

This one I can get on board with. I feel like snakeskin really hasn’t had its proper time to shine so I am more than happy that it’s a TikTok predicted trend for 2024. Prints are predicted to be everywhere, including on coats, trousers, coats and tights.

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