Believe it or not, Ebraheem from Dubai Bling has actually been married three times

He first got married when he was only 17!

A big part of season two of Dubai Bling was the marriage of Ebraheem Al Samadi to his new beau Hamdah, but what the show left out was that Ebraheem had actually been married before, three times in fact.

Ebraheem’s love life has been a prominent theme throughout Dubai Bling with the first ever episode opening with him going on a date with one of the show’s other main protagonists: LJ Aadada. Things between Ebraheem and LJ clearly didn’t work out as the second season saw Ebraheem getting married to someone else and LJ potentially getting engaged to her long-distance partner.

With Ebraheem such a pivotal and persuasive member of the Dubai Bling friendship group, many of the episodes of the new season featured events which were thrown in his honour to celebrate his new and exciting marriage to Hamdah, including an oversees trip to a luxury resort in AlUla, Saudi Arabia.

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Despite the two million dirham wedding being featured in episode six of Dubai Bling season two and the majority of the cast in attendance, not once throughout the show was the fact that Ebraheem had been married before ever discussed. Instead, Ebraheem opened up about his past relationships on a podcast, revealing that the first time he married was when he was only 17.

“The first time I got married I was 17 and the second time I was 26, and now this is my third wedding,” Ebraheem told the host.

He also opened up about the fact he wasn’t necessarily ready for marriage at such a young age but that it was his father who told him it was the right thing to do.

He said: “Honestly speaking, I was with someone and my father found out. So, he called me and told me to come to the office. When he said that, I almost fainted. The office is serious. It’s no joke. So, he said ‘Ebraheem, I’ve heard that you were at the mall holding some girl’s hand’. I said ‘So what? She’s my friend.’ He said that it’s not right and that he can’t accept other girls to be treated unlike how he wants his own daughters to be treated.”

There doesn’t appear to be any information about Ebraheem’s second marriage and who either of his ex-wife’s are available online. Well, third time lucky I guess!

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