Dubai Bling baby Kris

You guys, Dubai Bling star Kris Fade’s newborn baby is already posting Instagram ads?!

He’s already promoting his dad’s fitness snack company

If you’re born into a Dubai Bling family, you’d better start hustling for your first million dollars from day one. Despite being just eight weeks old, Kris Fade from Dubai Bling is already putting his baby Kruz Fade to work, and he already has his own Instagram where he promotes products.

Kruz Fade was born on November 7th, and his first Instagram post was just six weeks later. He introduced himself to the world, with the caption saying: “Hello world, I’m Kruz Fade and I’m ready to play.”

And now that introductions are out of the way Kruz could get to work grafting to promote products for Krid Fade’s healthy snack company called Fade Fit. Kruz can be seen holding a box of salted caramel protein balls with the caption: “Fade Fit just gained a new employee! What should his role be? Welcome Baby Kruz, we love you!!”

You can’t say he’s not hustling. But still, I cannot believe this baby is doing Instagram adverts when they can’t even walk or talk.

The most recent Instagram pictures on Kruz’s account show him absolutely fearing for his life whilst taking pictures with Santa. He’s probably stressing about how many referral clicks his last Instagram post got, bless him

At this rate Kris Fade’s baby is probably already making more money than I do, I’m excited to see his Dubai Bling debut next season!

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Featured images via Instagram @kruzfade