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Who is Hasnain Lehri? LJ Adada’s millionaire, model boyfriend who proposed on Dubai Bling

He was voted one of the sexiest men in the world

If you weren’t absolutely obsessed with Dubai Blind from its first season then you definitely are now as it’s currently the juiciest reality show on TV. The second season has just dropped on Netflix and I’m already counting down the days until the third is released. 

LJ Adada’s relationships have been a prominent theme throughout the show with the first ever episode opening with her landing in a helicopter to go on a date with one of the show’s main protagonists: Ebraheem Al Samadi. Things between LJ and Ebraheem clearly didn’t work out with the second season seeing Ebraheem getting married to someone else and LJ revealing she was now in a long distance relationship. 

Whilst he is mentioned throughout the latest season of Dubai Bling, LJ’s new boyfriend Hasnain Lehri doesn’t make his debut until the second to last episode and in the season finale, shocked everyone, including it seemed LJ herself, with a surprise proposal. The show was left on a cliff hanger with LJ’s answer not shown and radio silence on social media meaning fans are gagging for the third season. But with so little of Hasnain and LJ’s relationship actually shown on Dubai Bling, fans are wanting to know more about her new boyfriend. Here’s everything you need to know about Hasnain Lehri, the boyfriend of LJ Adada from Dubai Bling: 

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Hasnain is 34 years old and is from Pakistan

Hasnain was born in February 1989 in Quetta, Pakistan making him currently 34 years old. He studied at the University of Balochistan and is fluent in three languages. Hasnain entered the world of fashion and modelling after he was scouted in his hometown. 

He is a professional model and actor

Hasnain is an internationally recognised model and actor and has been on the cover of multiple magazines, most notably Grazia Pakistan and People magazine. He first rose to fame acting in multiple Pakistani soap operas called Ranjha Ranjha Kardi, Dilruba and Pehli Si Mohabbat.

Hasnain was named one of the sexiest men in the world

In 2017, a poll conducted by Eastern Eye named Hasnain as on the Top 100 Sexiest Asian Men in the world. He has also set a record of receiving four consecutive Lux Style LAX from 2015 to 2018 which is not surprising considering he was always impeccably dressed on Dubai Bling. 

He has 1.2 million Instagram followers

Hasnain is one of Pakistan’s most famous models and actors and his Instagram following definitely reflects that. He mainly shares photos from the modelling work he has done, and believe me – there’s a lot of it, as opposed to inside snapshots of his life. 

LJ and Hasnain publicly announced their relationship in November 2022

LJ and Hasnain went Instagram official in November 2022 and publicly announced their relationship to the world. Hasnain posted a black and white photo of him and LJ embracing with the caption: “I thought fairy tales would never come true, until I met my princess.”

Hasnain previously dated model Sabeeka Imam

In 2018, Hasnain confirmed that he was dating fellow Pakistani model Sabeeka Imam. However, after a year long relationship, Sabeeka announced the couple had split with an Instagram post captioned: “And so this journey officially comes to an end. It has been a long time since we both realised that our paths are destined to be separate. After multiple attempts and much consideration, we have called it quits.”

He has his own luxury fashion brand and also does lots of charity work

Hasnain co-founded his own luxury fashion brand called Lehri & Co. When he’s not working, Hasnain is involved in multiple charitable initiatives including providing underprivileged communities with clean drinking water and supporting the establishment of schools and orphanages across rural areas of Pakistan. 

His net worth is estimated to be $5 million

According to FresherLive, Hasnain’s current net worth is estimated to be about $5 million.

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