Dubai Bling cast ages

A full rundown of all the ages of the Dubai Bling cast

How is Lojain 46?!

Despite being millionaires, the ages of some of the Dubai Bling cast might surprise you. From already being richer than I’ll ever be at just age 33, to having 100 per cent found the fountain of youth, here is the full rundown of all the ages of the Dubai Bling cast.

Now, excuse me whilst I go and have a mental breakdown of how little I’ve achieved aged 23.


Age – 33

LJ is the youngest cast member of Dubai Bling alongside Safa, and honestly being in your thirties has never looked so good.

Safa Siddiqui 

Age – 33

Safa is also 33 and was born in London.

Ebraheem Al Samadi 

Age – 35

Despite being only 35 Ebraheem has the biggest net worth out of all the men on Dubai Bling and the second largest overall after Mona Kattan.

Farhana Bodi  

Age – 37

Farhani is 37 but honestly, she has better style than I do, her fit in this Instagram picture is immaculate.

Mona Kattan

Age – 38

At age 38, Mona has the largest net worth out of the cast thanks to her makeup company Huda Beauty.

Zeina Khoury

Age – 39

Zeina is 39, and again she looks absolutely incredible for her age.

DJ Bliss

Age – 42

DJ Bliss is 42 and whilst I don’t want to sound ageist I think you can only wear sunglasses inside if you’re a teenager or an old person.

Kris Fade

Age – 43

Kris Fade is 43 and he and wife recently welcomed a baby boy into their family. He might be in his forties but he’s definitely dressing like he’s about 26, the sneakers and no socks sum it all up really.

Lojain Omran 

Age – 46

Please can someone tell me how Lojain is 46?! This woman looks absolutely flawless, although I’m sure being a millionaire helps with that.

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