A petition to save Kim Kardashian: Hollywood has nearly reached its target

There’s an actual petition to save Kim Kardashian: Hollywood and it’s nearly reached target

Heartbroken Kim Kardashian: Hollywood fans ask does anyone wanna work anymore? No, they don’t

A petition to save Kim Kardashian: Hollywood has nearly reached its target. 

Gia Barker, a bereft fan of the game, which first debuted in 2014, has launched a last minute bid to save one of her phone apps after the creator and star of the game announced yesterday that she was pulling the plug on it to focus on other endeavours. 

As of writing, the Change.org call is painfully near its goal of 2,500 people. No word of what the next stage but the power of collective action has struck gold before, and could again. 

The organiser has described the game as a source of “joy” while calling herself as a “passionate” player of the game, which sees wannabe Kardashians come to Tinseltown to follow in the footsteps of Kim and her rise to fame. Tasks include getting noticed by paps, making friends with fellow stars, using their clout to boost yours and just generally dealing with the day-to-day life of making it, whatever that means. 

The petition to save Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Much lore surrounds Kim’s rise to fame, and like all good Hollywood stories none of it has been confirmed. Did Kris Jenner mastermind her sex tape? Was she actually pals or mortal enemies with Paris Hilton? Who knows. It doesn’t matter, well, not right now. 

Anyway, the potential chance that Glu Mobile Inc led a sort of managed decline was not missed by Gia, who added in the rallying cry that “recently we’ve noticed a decline in updates and semi-annual sales,” meaning that this was probably not a sudden decision nor a passion project for Kim, who has four kids, a mega-viral fashion brand SKIMS and apparently is vying to become a lawyer like her old man Robert Kardashian was. Do we know if this is still the case? Where has that gone? Did the dream die when her relationship with Pete Davidson did? Or was it when Ryan Murphy rang her up to be in ‘American Horror Story’? 

When announcing its tragic demise, the 43-year-old television personality admitted was sad to let it go but assured fans she would be “forever inspired” by its community of players. 

“I’m so grateful from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has loved and played Kim Kardashian: Hollywood in the past 10 years,” she said in a statement to TMZ

Kim added that it “meant so much to” to her but now it was “time to focus that energy into other passions”. 

The game was sheepishly pulled from the Apple and Android app stores but players like Gia, unless the campaign proves successful, have until April 8th to continue their rise to the top. 

Heartbroken players flooded the comment section of appeal to stop the axe such as one wrote: “This game is everything!!!”. 

“Kimmy! You can’t take this away from us , come on now !,” pleaded another. 

Another added: “I’ve been playing this game since I was a kid. Plus so many people have spend 100s of dollars that’s going down the drain.”

When the game first arrived and earnt a reportedly $160 million, it became the target of parents’ ire as their kiddies were racking up charges as stars, the fuel that propelled you up the social ladder, could be instantly refilled for cash money. Their impatient children were unable to wait until their full juice had been restored, a tale many caregivers of iPad kiddies might repeat over the years concerning many apps. 

Anyway, we hope that something positive happens in the meantime, like they hit their objective or something equally glam and iconic to them comes along to fill the app-shaped void it will leave.

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