Netflix has a wild new true crime about a kidnap police claimed was a hoax coming this month

American Nightmare is from the creators of The Tinder Swindler and is like real life Gone Girl

There’s a new true crime documentary series coming this month, and honestly it sounds absolutely wild. American Nightmare is coming to Netflix, and it follows a kidnapping that police claimed was all a hoax.

The three-part series tells the story of a young couple who had their home invaded in the dead of night, and were subject to a terrifying ordeal at the hands of a organised gang. However, law enforcement said their story didn’t add up.

Here’s everything you need to know about American Nightmare, before it becomes your next Netflix true crime obsession.

American Nightmare on Netflix

via Netflix

American Nightmare is all about the story of Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn

In March 2015, Denise Huskins and her boyfriend Aaron Quinn said they were awoken in the night by someone inside their house. Denise was kidnapped by men who were said to be dressed in scuba suites, who had bound and tied her and her boyfriend and forced them into a closet.

Denise and Aaron said they were drugged and blindfolded, and told the invaders were part of a well-organised, highly-trained group that collected debt. When Denise was taken, it was believed the plan had been for the group to return her after Aaron paid a ransom. Denise said she was taken to a remote location and sexually assaulted before being returned two days later.

However, police didn’t believe the story. Instead, they believed the victims were in fact suspects. In a press conference, police said the story didn’t make sense, and the case was dubbed “Gone Girl” in real life. It was claimed the couple’s recounting of the events was too far-fetched for anyone to believe.

American Nightmare on Netflix

via Netflix

The Netflix synopsis for the show reads: “After a home invasion and abduction, a young couple’s recounting of the events is too far fetched for the police to believe. Why did the victims seem so calm? Was it all a hoax?

“From the filmmakers behind The Tinder Swindler, this three-part docuseries unravels the consequences of our cultural rush to judgment, and the damage done when law enforcement decides the truth can’t possibly be true.”

Watch the trailer for American Nightmare on Netflix here:

American Nightmare will be available on Netflix from January 17th. For all the latest Netflix news, drops, quizzes and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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