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Omg guys, Olivia Bentley wants to QUIT Made in Chelsea

I am bereft

Let’s get real, Olivia Bentley is one of the only reasons we’re all still watching Made in Chelsea. But, after seven years on the show, the realest member of the MIC cast could be quitting to focus on other projects. No, I’m not crying, you’re crying.

During an interview with OK! Magazine, after the latest Made in Chelsea: Sydney spin off series wrapped, Olivia revealed: “I’m retiring – I don’t know when. It’s amazing but maybe it’s time for something else.”

Liv also detailed her priorities in the future after leaving the show would be to focus on her CBD oil brand and to start a family:  “I[‘d] live on a small island and have a few kids,” she said. “I want to focus on my well-being brand JOMO. I want to do more of that.”

Previously, Liv had said she wasn’t interested in having children, telling Grazia: “It’s so interesting, when I tell people I maybe don’t want to have kids they’re always so shocked. Even when you say it out loud people are like, ‘What?'”

“All my friends are having babies at the moment, and I love seeing them with their kids but for me, I’m so far from that,’ she continued, before her recent change of heart. “I can’t even see that happening to me in the next five years.”

However, Liv did hint there was always a chance she could change her mind: “You never know, I could find the right person who I do ultimately want kids with, but right now for me it’s a no,” she admitted. “It’s not something I feel pressured to do and I think feeling this way should be normalised.

“I just want to work, make a lot of money and live on an island somewhere – without changing nappies.”

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