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Boxing, swilling and finger biting: All the MAFS UK 2023 drama since the show ended

Georges calling Erica and Jordan ‘rodents’ will never not be funny to me

As always, we expected a whole load of drama from the recent series of MAFS UK, but I think it’s fair to say we didn’t quite expect the carnage that unfolded. MAFS UK 2023 might have been one of the craziest seasons yet – right from the off we knew things were going to be messy. This season had cheating scandals, fights, husband swaps and some criminal PDA. But the drama that unfolded on the show seems like nothing in comparison to the chaos that’s occurred since it finished. The cast clearly aren’t ready to give up the spotlight yet and I’m not mad about it.

Here’s a full rundown of all of the MAFS UK 2023 drama after the show ended.

Shona revealed she’s in love with Adrienne’s ex-husband, Matt

A curve ball none of us saw coming. Shona and Matt only met at the reunion after she left early, so despite rumours circulating about another husband and wife swap, the news of their romance was a shock to us all. They really are a cute couple though and I’m amazed at how they kept that quiet for so long.

Luke and Jordan are having a full on boxing match

I still can’t get over this. I struggle to believe these two hate each other enough to arrange a professional boxing match in the O2 Arena, of all places. Apparently its the most gentlemanly way to settle the feud, according to Erica but I’m getting a bit of the ick.

Erica and Jordan accused Laura of using MAFS as an audition for MIC

What is it with these two and drama? Despite Laura making it clear that she’d joined the experiment to find love, Jordan and Erica came for her, accusing her of treating MAFS UK as an audition for Made In Chelsea.

Speaking of Laura’s intentions on the show, Jordan told The Sun: “Laura was basically on MAFS for an audition for Made in Chelsea. That’s the only reason she was there, and I think everyone can see through that.”

Erica added: “She can’t be on Made in Chelsea when she’s from Portsmouth and she’s never lived in London.” She didn’t beat around the bush there.

Jordan and Luke exchanged slaps at the PrettyLittleThing Christmas party


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The drama between these two knows no boundaries. According to an onlooker who told MailOnline, drinks were thrown and Jordan and Luke attempted to slap one another, whilst Adrian from the previous series ended up getting his clothes ripped and covered in drink.

Joe Baggs confirmed the scuff happened on TikTok, where he said: “They do hate each other. They absolutely hate each other.”

How are they going to a Christmas party with the likes of Lottie Moss, Tulisa and Princess Andre and starting a tussle? Embarrassing.

Georges called Jordan and Erica ‘rodents’

Despite them being fairly amicable with one another while on the show, Georges is clearly now on team Luke after a spat he had with Jordan and Erica. The whole thing happened after Jordan and his wife called Georges’ relationship with Peggy “fake”.

Speaking to The Sun, Jordan said that he doesn’t “believe Peggy and Georges as a couple,”, adding that he’ll be “absolutely shocked” if they’re together in a year’s time.

Georges quickly caught wind of that and clapped right back after he was asked on a Q&A on his Instagram Story whether his relationship with Peggy was fake. He said: “I won’t say much but what I will say to you is if you believe a couple that only ever argued at the dinner table so that they got screen time, then you need hypnotising. Please do not listen to the rodents, and please just let actions speak louder than words.”

It’s crazy, the cameras aren’t even rolling anymore and the drama is still ongoing.

Luke nearly got his finger bitten off

via Instagram @lukeworley1

You did read that correctly. In another unexpected twist, Luke posted on his story recently that he had to get antibiotics and a tetanus jab after a man tried to bite his finger off in a bar. Is this a normal thing that happens to people? And why is Luke always in the centre of the drama?

Paul is also fighting in a boxing match

Of course, Paul wanted a go at boxing too and is actually fighting at the O2 Arena the same night as Luke and Jordan. His opponent is Bob Voysey, a MAFS UK 2021 almuni and rookie boxer.

Mel C shared the news of her cancer diagnosis

MAFS expert Mel C shared on her Instagram this week that she has recently been diagnosed with colon cancer, after suffering from severe stomach cramps whilst filming for the latest Australian MAFS series.

Mel spoke of how “tough” it will be to spend Christmas day in hospital, but stressed the importance of getting checked out if things don’t feel right.

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