The best memes and reactions to Squid Game: The Challenge finale

These 25 memes about the Squid Game: The Challenge finale deserve $4.56million too

Now that’s over I really don’t know what to do with myself

That’s it – it’s over! After what was definitely the most intense reality show of all time, Squid Game: The Challenge has crowned its winner, and now the memes about the finale are flooding in.

Some people think the final episode was lacklustre, whilst others think having us all wait a week for an intense game of rock, paper, scissors to give away $4.56million is a little bit iconic, and something only Netflix has the power to get us to do.

Either way, Mai won the crown in pretty incredible scenes, and now I kind of don’t know what to do with myself. Here are all the very best memes and reactions to the finale of Squid Game: The Challenge on Netflix.

1. We should have known!

2. You have to hand it to her, she never missed a beat

3. Sorry but I love Phill so much

4. Yikes

5. I’m in!

6. Dr Rick getting the tattoo is too pure

7. I see you!

8. She was too good

9. End of!

10. You’re on

11. He knew

12. I’m a bit shook it’s come down to this

13. Nothing but respect

14. We love to see it!

15. I’m crying again!

16. Netflix really did that

17. Nice x

18. I’d throw hands

19. I bet Ashley is at home fuming

20. This is what our lives have become

21. Lol

22. Hahaha enough

23. Honestly adore him

24. Luv ya x

25. Bringing this meme back because she really had it from day one

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