Name a woman TikTok trend

Yikes, if your boyfriend can’t pass this ‘name a woman’ test, TikTok says dump him

Not one guy saying Fiona from Shrek

A few weeks ago, the orange peel theory was trending on TikTok and it was absolutely adorable. People were using the theory of peeling an orange to see how much trust they had in their relationship. The theory says that if your partner peels your orange for you without having to be asked, even though you can easily do it yourself, it’s a sign that they truly love and care for you.

Before that, we also had the invisible string theory of relationships that blew up after people were sharing the really wholesome and romantic ways they met their partners before they actually ended up being together.

But now there’s a new relationship TikTok trend and it’s making people pick fights with their partners and consider breaking up. Oh dear!

So what is the ‘name a woman’ TikTok trend and does it mean I should break up with my boyfriend?

Essentially, the trend just involves you asking your boyfriend to name one woman, any woman. And if they don’t immediately say your name, it means they’re not always thinking of you and it might be a clue that you should break up.

The original video is from @tabiatotanesmartinez who said: “Today ask your man to name a woman, if that guy says any other name than yours you should start a fight.”

The trend has thousands of people trying it and getting some incredibly rogue answers from their boyfriends including their girlfriend’s sister, Margot Robbie (fair), Princess Fiona from Shrek, Michelle Obama, Florence Nightingale and literal PROFESSOR MCGONAGALL from Harry Potter.

Like their brains fully went to a rogue character from Harry Potter rather than the woman literally stood asking them the question, wild.

The trend has been causing arguments with some people saying that if they don’t immediately pick you then you should break up with them. Yikes!

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