Crawly trend TikTok

What the hell is the cursed crawly TikTok cult trend and why is it all over my FYP?

What in the Human Centipede?

Um guys, people on TikTok are literally crawling into shops in big groups and I’m a bit scared.

So obviously TikTok loves a trend and the last time people were doing something as insane as this in real life was when people were rocking up to the new Minions movie dressed in suits and getting banned from cinemas.

But if you’ve been unlucky enough to witness the newest one that’s plaguing everyone’s FYPs then I’m truly sorry. Essentially, it’s literally a group of people crawling around following each other in shops like some kind of dodgy GCSE sociology experiment.

So what the hell actually is the crawly TikTok trend all over your For You Page?

Basically, it’s just a group of people who go into a shop like Zara or KFC, crawl around in a big group à la Human Centipede, and just pure creep all the staff members out. Like, you can barely explain it beyond that.

The videos are all also soundtracked to that audio of people screaming, just to add to the chaos.

Most of the videos, which now have over 21.8 million likes, come from the account @crawly_posessed who label themselves as a literal cult.

Their bio reads: “JOIN OUR CULT NOW” and links to a Discord server called “POSSESSED” as well as a Telegram channel with the description “WE ARE CULT, DESTROY YOUR LIMITATIONS, PROTEST TO SOCIETY, BE OBSESSED WITH US” so you can join the crawling movement, if that’s your kinda vibe. You can also donate to them from a link in their bio if you want to support the crawling cause. Maybe they’ll all upgrade to have knee pads for the next crawl with enough donations?

On the Telegram channel they plan all their upcoming crawls or what they call “raids”. They said: “Our raids are pure energyyy. Social anxiety steers clear of us. We killed it once and forever. Same as our enemies. Together we live, together we cult.” Um, slightly terrified but okay?

The Telegram channel also warned that “something is coming soon” and you “won’t have seen anything like it before”. Can’t wait!

The trend looks like it started in Warsaw, Poland but has since moved over to the UK so you might wanna proceed with your Zara hauls and Christmas shopping with caution.

So far, they’ve targeted shops like Mango, Zara, KFC and those little booths in the middle of shopping centres that sell crappy phone cases.




People in the comments of the videos find the crawling trend equally disturbing and hilarious. Some of the comments read: “Me and my wolfpack”, “Me and the boys if we were babies and wanted to go shopping” and “free will is a crazy thing”.

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Featured image via @crawly_posessed on TikTok.