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Proper nice, proper bargain: What happened to Panda Girl from TikTok and where is she now?

Just when we were needing her proper bargains the most

I don’t know what’s in the air right now but something has happened that’s all of a sudden made everyone collectively wonder where the queen of bargains Panda Girl went. We’ve gone a good few years without thinking about “proper nice, proper bargain as well” and now all of a sudden I’m seeing loads of TikToks of us all missing Panda Girl at the same time.

But if you don’t have the absolute pleasure of remembering our Scouse queen Panda Girl, basically she was a TikToker who absolutely blew up around lockdown time just for finding those sweet sweet bargains in the shops. She would pick random snacks off the shelves and let people know whether they were a bargain or not. Her catchphrase was “proper nice, proper bargain as well” and even if you don’t know who she is, you’ve definitely heard her iconic “chicken burger and chips” video.


proper bargain proper nice aswell

♬ You dont know me – ellery

But our queen of bargains hasn’t posted a video on TikTok since December 2021 and we’re all missing her dearly. She disappeared just when we were needing her proper bargains the most in the cozzie livs and everyone is gutted.

So what actually happened to Panda Girl and where is she now?

Panda Girl had a load of TikTok accounts back in her prime with the most active and prominent one being @pandagirl.94 which still stands at 26.5k followers today, despite having not posted a video in two years. Her last video was her telling everyone that the new KitKat sensations were “proper nice”. The top comments on this video are mostly from the last week with people saying how much they missed her. One comment even reads: “She really is the Princess Diana of 2021”.

But since then, Panda Girl has pretty much disappeared off the face of the earth. In 2021, she was involved in drama after she allegedly tried to sell merch with someone else’s designs on, so it’s likely that went off the radar after this. There were also a few other “scandals” about Panda Girl, including when she said she had Covid and coughed in a kebab shop on TikTok live.

Now given the fact that we don’t actually know her real name, Panda Girl is quite difficult to track down today. All we really know is that she’s now 28 and is, obviously, from Liverpool.

On Panda Girl’s Insta in 2021, she said that she retired from working when she was 23 and honestly, mood.

But on one of the TikToks talking about how much they missed Panda Girl, several comments said that Panda Girl works or used to work at Fashion Force, a clothes shop in Old Swan, Liverpool. So even though she’s completely off the radar, we know know she’s left her early retirement and is possibly selling clothes bargains now. Other comments on several recent TikToks say that they’ve seen her riding the bus around Liverpool and St Helens.

But the most recent definite sighting we have of her is a TikTok posted by @idkass06 from last year who posted a video with her after he ran into her on the bus with the caption “Panda Girl still active.”

There is also a new Instagram account with the same username as Panda Girl’s old account (@pandagirl.94) but there is no way of verifying whether this is the real Panda Girl or not. The most recent post on the account is a screenshot of when Suella Braverman stood on a dog with the caption: “This is well disgustin x The poor dog”. What a wild crossover.

Although it’s unlikely to be the real Panda Girl, the bio of the account does read “Proper Bargain is back” so maybe there is some hope. The Tab has messaged this account in attempt to confirm whether this really is the OG Panda Girl.

Eating a £5 chicken burger and chips in memory of our girl today x

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