Molly-Mae Princess Diana

So, someone has compared Molly-Mae to Princess Diana and people are losing their minds

She’s in her revenge dress era after recent Tommy Fury breakup speculation

So, someone has compared Molly-Mae Hague to Princess Diana and people are going feral over it.

Over the last week, people have been speculating about Molly-Mae’s relationship with Tommy Fury after she was pictured without her engagement ring whilst he was partying with other girls in Dubai.

But now someone thinks Molly-Mae has entered her Lady Di revenge dress era after she posted a picture on Insta of her in a long black dress with the caption “LBD season has officially started.”

The TikTok, posted by @tillytodos compared Molly-Mae’s photo with the iconic revenge dress moment with the caption “Don’t tell me it’s not the same…” and soundtracked to an audio of Charles and Diana from The Crown. The video now has over 621.4k views and over 53k likes.

One comment on the video reads: “Molly-Mae being compared to Diana, the Fiats have gone too far this time” with another one adding: “Comparing Molly-Mae to Diana be so for real! Someone from Love Island and someone that was literal royalty”

Another comment reads: “I have NOT just seen you compare our Lady Di with Molly-Mae I am WEEPING.”

But Matilda who made the original TikTok wasn’t the only person that thought about the comparison. One person commented: “SO GLAD I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO THOUGHT THIS” and another added: “I literally was just saying this dress was giving Diana revenge”

The top comment on Molly-Mae’s Insta post, which now has over 4k likes is also: “It’s giving Diana’s revenge dress”. So people are now wildly speculating that Molly-Mae posting the black dress picture is due to rumours about her relationship with Tommy.

She is wearing her engagement ring in the picture though after people were speculating when she took Bambi to see Father Christmas without it on.

But the revenge dress trend was started by Princess Diana who wore an iconic little black dress to a dinner party in Kensington Gardens in 1994, the same night Prince Charles announced his affair with Camilla Parker Bowles on national TV.

Molly-Mae Princess Diana

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Since then, it’s become a pop culture staple that people are still OBSESSED with to this day and apparently Molly-Mae is now following in her footsteps and trying to make Tommy jealous.

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