have Molly Mae and Tommy Fury broken up split up cheating still together

Guys, people think there’s actual evidence Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury have broken up

He’s been partying with girls while she’s at home with Bambi

Okay, everybody stay calm but there are rumours beginning to circulate that Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury have split up. Videos are being poured over as evidence on TikTok and Molly’s fans are calling for her to leave Tommy on Twitter. This feels very messy— even though Molly and Tommy haven’t said anything themselves yet.

Since coupling up on Love Island, Molly-Mae and Tommy have basically become British reality show royalty. When they got engaged four months ago, the internet was collectively weeping. But that hasn’t stopped break-up rumours persisting in light of a new video which is circling on social media.

So, in case you’re wondering what the hell is going on within the Fury family and what all this supposed “evidence” is of Tommy and Molly-Mae breaking up, here’s a rundown of everything that’s been said and spotted so far:

Tommy was spotted in a club with an unidentified girl and the rapper Chris Brown

So, all of the chaos basically started this weekend when a video started to circulate on TikTok of Tommy in the boujee Emirati club in Dubai with the controversial rapper Chris Brown and an unidentified girl.

In the clip, the girl squeezes Tommy’s face before he turns his head away and laughs. “I’d be on the first flight,” wrote one person in the comments. “It takes a lot of chat for a girl to do that flirty touch,” claimed another.

Molly-Mae then took Bambi to see Father Christmas without her engagement ring

After the video of Tommy clubbing went viral, Molly shared some photos of her taking Bambi to see Father Christmas at a Christmas grotto and everyone started to freak out because she wasn’t wearing her engagement ring.

However, some fans pointed out that the decision could be a safety issue as Molly’s ring is worth £600,000 and she has been spotted choosing not to wear the humungous diamond while she’s out and about before.

Molly Mae Tommy Fury split up cheating

Credit: Instagram (@mollymae)

But regardless of why Molly wasn’t wearing her engagement ring, everyone was furious with Tommy for partying in the UAE while Molly took Bambi for a Christmas day out by herself. “You’ve always got Bambi and he’s always out here doing the most!” one fan commented. “You and Bambi deserve better x”

Molly then posted another selfie to her story without her ring as people piled into Tommy’s comment section on Instagram

While promoting her brand’s Black Friday sale (yes, some people have guessed this whole rumour is a marketing technique) Molly posted another selfie without her engagement ring the following day, giving no attention to the endless chat about Tommy’s behaviour.

Meanwhile, as Tommy shared a photo from Abu Dhabi – where he’d just jetted into for the Grand Prix – Molly’s fans continued to slate him “never” being at home with his family in the comment section: “Do you ever spend any time with your Mrs and kid?” questioned one. “Funny you go out to play and leave the missus with the baby!” wrote another. “Please explain the video circling on social media please,” begged a third.

Molly has said before it’s hard when Tommy is away and she’s left alone

Fans first started to notice how often Tommy was absent when Molly spoke out about him going away during her pregnancy in December last year: “Other women have these dream pregnancies where they are always with their husband doing baby shopping and doing cute things, and like, me and Tommy literally just communicate through FaceTime at this point,” she said.

“I think because he’s been away so much, I feel like he sometimes forgets. I have to remind him that I’m two months away from giving birth – you know, we’re going to have a child. I think he sometimes has to be reminded a little bit because he’s away in camp-land.”

And since Bambi was born, fans online have started to point out the difference between Molly’s behaviour and Tommy’s: “Tommy Fury being spotted partying in a club with Chris Brown of all people whilst Molly Mae is at home looking after THEIR baby,” posted one person after this weekend’s drama. “I just know if it [was] Molly Mae acting this way as a mother, people would have a lot to say lolll and that’s on being a woman.”

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