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From pumpkin patches to parties: Inside Molly-Mae’s adorable mum life with Bambi

Molly-Mae you’re doing amazing sweetie

Tommy Fury was seen partying in Dubai with some girls over the weekend, resulting in Molly-Mae being pictured with her engagement ring off. But whilst Tommy Fury might be out doing whatever he stupidly decides to get up to, Molly-Mae is living her best mum life, and getting up to lots of activities with Bambi.

From going on cute vacations together, planning parties and having movie nights together, let’s look inside Molly-Mae’s wholesome mum life with Bambi.

Bambi was born earlier this year in January

Bambi was born on the 23rd of January, with Molly giving birth to her naturally.

Molly-Mae always does balloon arches so well I swear

How does Molly always manage to look so put together? It truly is an art.

I can’t believe I’m jealous of a literal baby’s wardrobe

Molly always puts Bambi in the cutest coordinated outfits, even those little Uggs she has in her wardrobe just look so adorable.

Stop, they’re too cute together

Because Tommy is often away for training, Molly and Bambi spend a lot of time just the two of them going on coffee dates and garden centre trips together.

Bambi is serving looks only

Bambi really is living her absolute best life.

Molly-Mae has been open about her struggles since having Bambi and becoming a mum

Molly-Mae shared a video on her YouTube channel where she opened up about her experience of parenthood, describing how it “traumatised” her.

She said: “I literally don’t even know where to start. I just don’t feel like I’m being myself like, I don’t know why I’m upset, I’m questioning everything I’m saying. I have found it really really hard.

“I have been so overwhelmed like every single day. It’s just the biggest, biggest life change ever that nobody – no matter what they say – can prepare you for.”

Her little strawberry bathing costume is too adorable

Molly has also spoken out about the effects of having a baby, saying in her vlog it’s only been in the “last few weeks that I’ve started to feel like my old self again.”

That hot chocolate looks so good

Molly vlogged about her and Bambi’s trip to the garden centre, and they met up with Molly’s sister there. Afterwards, they came back home and watched a movie together, actually such wholesome vibes.

Mum and daughter coffee shop visits!

The little Ugg boots are too much for me to handle.

Bambi’s little hat is too cute

Molly-Mae took Bambi out for a visit to the pumpkin patch, and it looks like Bambi had the time of her life, major mum points to Molly.

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