Denise Welch death hoax

Um, Denise Welch has been caught in a death hoax after someone hacked her Wikipedia

Denise has since confirmed she’s alive, well and ‘about to watch the jungle’

In the most random story of 2023, Denise Welch has been forced to confirm she’s “alive and well” after a hack on her Wikipedia page resulted in a death hoax and caused people to pay tribute to her on Twitter / X believing she’d passed away.

One screenshot from the Wikipedia hacking that resulted in the death hoax claimed that Denise Welch was killed in a way that involved Big Brother 2023 housemates Kerry Riches and Farida Khalifa. “Denise Welch sadly was killed after being run over by Kerry Riches’ mobility scooter after it was hijacked on a drunken rampage by Farida Khalifa.” The hacked addition to Denise’s Wikipedia page then quoted Farida Khalifa’s intro to all her social media videos verbatim.

The hacking of Denise Welch that resulted in the death hoax did not end there – her profile was then barraged with a chaotic mix of edits that had the entire internet puzzled. None more so than Denise, who has been sending tweets to Wikipedia in a desperate attempt to get it all rectified.

All the hacks are in the screenshots posted above, but some of the most wild include the changing of Loose Women to Loose They / Them, claiming she was born on the Hollyoaks set, that she died of diarrhoea, changing the name of her son Matty Healy to Ratty Healy, changing her Wikipedia picture to Meghan Markle, claiming she played a character called “Phil Schofield” and changing her name to “Jacqueline Denise Kardashian”.

A lot of the hacks centre around Pink – the singer who Denise gets compared to very often. Her Wikipedia page had Pink’s picture for a while last night, as well as a hack saying her children included Pink.

Denise has since debunked the hacks, posting last night “I’m alive and well and about to watch the jungle [I’m a Celeb]. Thanks for your concern.”

Despite Denise’s insistence that it’s all lies, Twitter continues to take the mick. One says “BBC News have confirmed Denise Welch’s state funeral will begin at 11 am on a Royal Navy Gun Carriage procession. Departing from Buckingham Palace, passing through Whitehall and making its way to Westminster Abbey, where the service will commence. A nation awakens in shock.”

At least Denise’s Wikipedia is back to normal, even if Twitter feeds are not. Do not panic on a Monday morning – Denise Welch has not died.

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