St Andrews student who was homeless before uni has just graduated with a Master’s degree

Rebecca Munro said it is something she ‘never thought was possible’

A student who spent her childhood in care and was homeless before uni has just graduated from The University of St Andrews with a Master’s degree.

Rebecca Munro left school with almost no GCSEs and A Levels but now has a Master’s in business management with distinction from St Andrews, voted as the best university in the UK.

She said it is something she “never thought was possible” and is “just incredible” for her.

Rebecca, from Dundee, grew up in care and spent a long time homeless after she left school.

homeless student graduated


But she was able to get the qualifications she needed for uni through a supported pathways into higher education scheme run by St Andrews. She did her Scottish Highers exams at Dundee College before doing her undergrad degree in Geography, in which she got a first.

Rebecca was then chosen as a Robert T Jones Scholar – a scholarship which allowed her to study at Emory University in America for a year.

She did both her degrees with a part-time job to support her and also received a scholarship to allow her to commute from Dundee to St Andrews.

homeless student graduated


Rebecca said: “I couldn’t have done this without the support of the St Andrews Access team and the scholarships the University provides.

“Gaining a first in my undergraduate degree is something I’d never have thought was possible, so going on to be awarded a Distinction in my Masters – and from the top university in the UK as well – is just incredible for me.

“I hope this shows that care-experienced young people can break down the barriers they face and, with the right support, go on to achieve academic success that would’ve been beyond their wildest dreams.”

homeless student graduated

After graduating, Rebecca managed to get a job in the access and widening participation team in St Andrews’ admissions department. In her role, she works to improve support for care leavers like herself going to the university.

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