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Omg, so it turns out loads of the Gilmore Girls cast also had cameos in Grey’s Anatomy

Not our girl Paris dying of cancer I am upset

This time of year is officially Gilmore Girls season where everyone rewatches the show for the millionth time, pumpkin spice lattes and a lot of “la la la”s in hand.

The show turned 23 years old a few months ago and the cast has changed massively since then. We’ve already looked at all the celebs who you forgot started their careers in Gilmore Girls, including Melissa McCarthy and Chad Michael Murray, but Gilmore Girls also has a load of other crossovers with different shows.

In possibly the greatest and wildest TV crossover ever, it turns out that loads of the Gilmore Girls characters actually starred in Grey’s Anatomy too!

So here are all the major Gilmore Girls characters who you didn’t realise had cameos in Grey’s Anatomy:

Paris – Liza Weil

One of the best characters in Gilmore Girls, Paris, played by Liza Weil, was a cancer patient in Grey’s Anatomy. Her character, called Alison Clark, appeared in season five of the show and became friends with Izzie when they were both going through chemotherapy. But she never wakes up after surgery and sadly dies.

Mrs Kim – Emily Kuroda

The absolute queen herself Mrs Kim also appeared in season five of Grey’s Anatomy, this time episode 18. Emily Kuroda plays a patient in the hospital getting a hernia repair.

Richard Gilmore – Edward Herrmann

One of the most well-known and biggest cameos in Greys is Edward Hermann who plays Richard Gilmore in Gilmore Girls. He plays Normal Shales throughout season four, the old intern who everyone mistakes for an attending and who Alex tries to dump in the clinic.

Max Medina – Scott Cohen

Gilmore Girls Grey's Anatomy

One of Lorelai’s better boyfriends in Gilmore Girls is Max Medina, played by Scott Cohen. He plays a renowned cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Tom Evans in season six, episode 20 of Grey’s Anatomy.

Doyle – Danny Strong

Gilmore Girls Grey's Anatomy

Paris’ boyfriend Doyle and editor of The Yale Daily News is played by Danny Strong. In Grey’s, he plays a patient who is rushed to the hospital after he starts dating a woman who has a lion for a pet and gets mauled. Honestly, that’s something I can see happening in Gilmore Girls too.

Gypsy – Rose Abdoo

Gilmore Girls Grey's Anatomy

In Gilmore Girls, Rose Abdoo plays Stars Hollow’s auto mechanic Gypsy. But in Grey’s Anatomy, she plays a much different character as Kim Dawson, Arizona and Callie’s a marriage councillor. She appears in season 11 of the show.

Liz – Kathleen WilhoiteGilmore Girls Grey's Anatomy

The original cottage-core legend and Luke’s sister Liz in Gilmore Girls is played by Kathleen Wilhoite. Kathleen appears as Leslie Goldman in episode five of Grey’s Anatomy season six. Her character is in the hospital with her dad who has abdominal pain.

April – Vanessa Marano

Gilmore Girls Grey's Anatomy

And finally, Vanessa Marano who plays April Nardini Luke’s long-lost daughter in Gilmore Girls also appears in Grey’s Anatomy. As Holly Wheeler, she appears in season eight episode “The Girl With No Name” which follows her in the hospital after being rescued from a kidnapping and being held hostage for 10 years.

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