Nicole Young before Selling Sunset and cosmetic surgery

‘You’ve rearranged your whole face’: What Nicole actually looked like before Selling Sunset

A doctor has claimed she’s had rhinoplasty, cheek and jawline fillers, Botox, buccal fat removal, lip filler and a boob job

One of the biggest talking points on Selling Sunset this season, I hate to say it, was the ongoing talk of how much work Nicole has had done before the show. Chrishell accused her of having “everything done” to her face, and people have since been talking about how different she’s looked in more recent seasons.

Whilst Nicole has said she hasn’t had any major work done, it’s been rumoured she has had Botox, fillers and a boob job in the past. Nicole has come under fire a few times on the show, with Chrishell saying she has had “everything done” and changed her entire face. “You’ve rearranged your whole face. You got everything done,” she said at a company dinner.

At the reunion, Nicole spoke more about the minor tweakments she’s had in the past. When asked how she felt about the comments from Chrishell, she said: “It was one of those deer in the headlight moments and I was like, ‘what are you even talking about?’ I got veneers before we started filming… Botox, like I always do, and I had the filler in my face dissolved, so I certainly didn’t rearrange my face. It was just a nasty mean girl comment, unfortunately.”

Throughout the reunion, it’s thought Chrishell and Chelsea were “speaking in code” and were seen rubbing their noses – which people assumed meant they were hinting at a nose job.

The MailOnline spoke to two doctors, to get their opinion on what work Nicole may have had done before. “While Nicole has not publicly acknowledged any cosmetic procedures, professional observations – based on her historical photos – seem to show alterations in her nasal bridge and nasal profile, highly indicative of a potential rhinoplasty,” Dr. Tabasum Mir said.

“She has a remarkably symmetric facial appearance, a well-defined jawline, and prominent cheeks – which raises considerations of weight loss or strategically placed injectable fillers. Additionally, her current profile suggests a possibility of breast augmentation.”

Rod J. Rohrich, a fellow plastic surgeon, added they too think Nicole has had work done before Selling Sunset. They said: “From my observations, she appears to have had rhinoplasty, cheek and jawline fillers, Botox, buccal fat removal, lip filler, and breast augmentation.”

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