Georges MAFS UK Twitch stream

Georges from MAFS UK is planning a chaotic Twitch stream where he’ll do hundreds of squats

He’s also going to put butter on his face, crack an egg on his head and eat a whole baguette

Everyone loves Georges’ squatting antics, and it seems like even Peggy has come around to it after being so against the squats during their time on MAFS UK.

And after not seeing a wild Georges squat in what seems like a while, he’s announced a massive Twitch stream to celebrate the end of Movember with a whole variety of truly chaotic activities taking place for every amount of money raised for charity.

The stream is taking place on Thursday, the last day of November. Georges from MAFS UK has currently raised £245 of his £500 target, and hopefully, the Twitch stream will help him reach the final goal.

Georges will be playing “every game possible” and will do a squat “for every £10 raised.” So, if you donate to the stream you’re not only helping raise money for charity but also helping Georges further improve his glute game.

Georges has also set out goals for how much money he wants to raise, with some very unique rewards for viewers to watch him do when the goals are reached.

If £100 is raised Georges will dress up as a baguette (and not for the first time I might add), £200 and he’ll crack an egg on his head, £300 is a “cream pie sandwich” and I’m hoping that doesn’t mean what I think it means, £400 will result in Georges slathering butter all over his face, £500 and he’ll eat an entire baguette, and if over £500 is hit then he’ll do anything the viewers request.

If seeing Georges do any of those things on his Twitch stream isn’t a good incentive to donate some money to the MAFS UK groom, I don’t know what is.

Want to watch Georges crack a whole egg on his head or lather butter on himself? Click here to watch the stream!

MAFS UK 2023 continues tonight on E4. For more like on Georges from MAFS UK and for all the memes and gossip, like The Holy Church of MAFS on Facebook.

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