Madeline Argy and Central Cee breakup

Every explosive detail from Madeline Argy and Central Cee’s relationship on Call Her Daddy

Madeline ended the relationship two months ago

2023 has claimed yet another couple, with the breakup rumours of Madeline Argy and Central Cee being true!

Madeline Argy appeared on the Call Her Daddy podcast to discuss her breakup with Central Cee, and it was very juicy. Most of the podcast was spent discussing the breakup, with the host Alex, and Madeline Argy spilling some serious tea about Central Cee.

From who ended the relationship, to whether the relationship was really for PR, here’s every explosive detail from the Call Her Daddy podcast.

Madeline ended the relationship two months ago

Rumours started circling recently about the status of their relationship, caused by a TikTok at Central Cee’s concert where the rapper Central Cee was sharing the stage with, told the crowd he was single. Madeline confirmed the two had been broken up for a couple of months, and that she “made the final call” to end the relationship.

The two had been dating for two years


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Madeline confirmed Central Cee and her had been in an “entanglement” for two years. She knew she wanted to end the relationship for “quite a while” and that there was a lot of “toxic back and forth.”

Madeline explained it was hard to end the relationship because they were “both obsessed with each other,” and every time they would recognize that the relationship was unhealthy, the two would change the topic and move on.

The two of them almost hooked up during New York Fashion Week

Madeline explained that during NYFW, Central Cee was also in New York. The two had no intention of seeing each other but she got “the text.” She told her friend she absolutely would not go and sleep with him, but woke up the next morning regretting her decision, thinking, “I really should have f****d him.”

Madeline didn’t like who she became at the end of the relationship

Alex asked Madeline how the relationship affected her, with Madeline saying ” I didn’t like who I became, especially towards the end.” She explained how Central Cee would tell Madeline she “was rude,” despite the fact she takes great pride in the fact she’s “not being rude.”

Because of what was said, Madeline felt like she became a “really closed off version of myself, and feel like everything I say is stupid or wrong.”

The two of them were fighting at Olivia Rodrigo’s dinner party

The last time Madeline and Central Cee saw each other before their break up, was at Olivia Rodrigo’s dinner party. Madeline told Alex how she could “see people’s reactions at the dinner table, everyone knew something was off. I think most people could tell things weren’t good.” Allegedly, even Olivia herself noticed, and “checked in” on Madeline, to make sure everything was okay.

The relationship was never for PR

Madeline confirmed that despite what TikTok thought, the relationship was never for PR. She went on to say if it had been, she would have posted pictures of Central Cee, “more than three times.”

The Tab has reached out to Central Cee for comment.

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