Central Cee Madeline Argy relationship timeline

Cryptic lyrics and lavish holidays: A rundown of Central Cee and Madeline Argy’s relationship

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Last year TikTok went into melt down earlier after rumours circulated that British TikToker Madeline Argy was dating the rapper Central Cee. The rumours started after someone made a TikTok of all the evidence that suggested Central Cee and Madeline Argy were dating and it’s a pretty convincing case if I’m honest.

Whilst they still haven’t verbally confirmed their relationship, because let’s be honest that’s not really their style, everyone is pretty certain they are an item. Over the past year they have both become a permanent feature on the other’ social media, appearing in Tiktoks, Instagram posts and stories. They have also been seen on some pretty lavish holidays in both LA and Monaco. It’s got to the point that fans don’t need a verbal confirmation anymore, we all just know they’re super loved up.

Here is a full relationship timeline of Madeline Argy and Central Cee, from when dating rumours first started to the couple holidaying in Monaco together:

Central Cee released Doja and many believed it was about Madeline

In 2022, Central Cee released a song called Doja which quickly blew up on TikTok with the lyrics “How can I be homophobic? My bitch is gay”. Discussing the meaning behind these lyrics, Cench confirmed that he does have a girlfriend who is bisexual.

In a Genius interview, he said: “It’s literally what I say like I’m not homophobic, my girlfriend is bisexual. She was like the first gay person I really communicated with. I feel like homophobia is almost embedded into the culture like rap music, even just the hood. It’s quite known, it’s embedded in us to like shun upon, which I don’t think is right.”

In her TikTok videos, Madeline has previously mentioned she has an ex-girlfriend leading many to believe that Doja was written about her.

Rumours started circling online that they were dating

After Doja went viral online, many fans started finding more and more clues that the pair were an item. In June 2022, Central Cee uploaded a series of photos to his Instagram from a Morocco trip and included a photo of him wearing a blue hoodie.

Central Cee Madeleine Argy relationship timeline

via Instagram @centralcee

Then in July 2022, a couple of weeks after the Instagram post, Madeline uploaded a video to TikTok of her wearing the what appeared to be the same hoodie. Whilst it could have just been a coincidence, it led to loads of comments of the videos asking about their relationship.

But perhaps the biggest piece of evidence that Madeline and Central Cee were dating was footage that emerged online of Central Cee exiting a building with a girl following close behind him who looked undeniably similar to Madeline.

Madeline made a cryptic TikTok with Cench in the background

Following on from the ever growing rumours that they were dating, a month later Madeline uploaded a TikTok wearing a t-shirt that read “I love lying” and said: “I have literally never heard of Central Cee in my entire life, I’m just as confused as you are. I don’t even know what we would talk about.”

Whilst saying this stood in her kitchen, behind Madeline, Central Cee could be seen getting things out of the fridge to make a sandwich and many fans took this as their own way of confirming they were a couple.


don’t wanna hear another peep

♬ original sound – madz

The pair were continuously seen together whilst Cench was on tour

Since all the speculation last year they were dating, the pair have continuously been seen together and seemingly made no attempts to hide. On his latest tour, which ended in America, Madeline and Central Cee were seen together on the last few dates which were in LA with fans believing he flew her out especially for them.

They made an adorable TikTok together and were spotted in Monaco

Last month, Cench uploaded a video to his TikTok of the pair both wearing tracksuits and looking very cosy in which he removes a necklace from around Madeline’s neck and put its around his own. The video then jumps to a clip of the couple snuggled up close together very romantically.

In the same month, the pair were also seen in Monaco with footage showing Cench leading Madeline by the hand down passerelle onto a boat. The pair had seemingly been in Monaco watching the Grand Prix with both of them uploading social media posts and stories that featured the other.

Madeleine confirmed on a podcast the couple had broken up

In September 2023, Madeleine appeared on Alex Cooper’s podcast Call Her Daddy and confirmed to the host that the couple had broken up.

“[We’ve been broken up for a] couple of months. I made the final call,” Madeleine said. She continued to say that the presumption online that it was her who must have been dumped, branding these rumours as “dumb”.

She also referred to their relationship as an “addiction” and claimed: “We were both obsessed with each other.”

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