Central Cee and Madeline Argy

All the evidence of Central Cee and Madeline Argy’s rumoured relationship

This can’t all be a coincidence… right?

TikTok users have a meltdown every other day and it has just become a normal part of day to day life. The latest meltdown on the app is about the rumours that have circulated about the possible romance between British rapper Central Cee and popular TikToker Madeline Argy. While some TikTokers have been losing their minds over this rumoured relationship, others have taken internet stalking to another level and have pieced together evidence. Someone’s got to do it though, right?

Here is all the evidence that suggests Madeline Argy and Central Cee are dating:

In a Genius interview, Cench said his girlfriend is bisexual

Discussing the meaning behind his lyrics in his latest song Doja, Central Cee confirmed that he does have a girlfriend who is bisexual. In the interview, he said: “It’s literally what I say like I’m not homophobic, my girlfriend is bisexual. She was like the first gay person I really communicated with. I feel like homophobia is almost embedded into the culture like rap music, even just the hood. It’s quite known, it’s embedded in us to like shun upon, which I don’t think is right.”

The rapper went onto say he finds homophobia “weird”. “Like why do you care what other people are doing? That’s mad to me. It’s a you problem though, like that’s crazy. I’m definitely against homophobia,” he added. Madeline has previously mentioned she has an ex-girlfriend.

Fans have assumed that Madeline has been single for a while

In a screen recording of an Instagram live, Madeline referred to having an ex girlfriend and for fans, this was proof enough she was not in a relationship and as such could very well be in one with Central Cee now.


@madelineargy tiktok live 7.8.22 – Longer live on youtube

♬ original sound – MyFavesOnLive

They both follow each other on Instagram

This is probably the most obvious evidence of their romantic link to one another. The two follow each other on Instagram and they don’t follow just anyone. Madeline only follows 166 people on Instagram and Cench only follows 360 people. This being a huge coincidence is becoming less convincing by the minute.

In a TikTok video, Madeline is wearing the same hoodie as Central Cee

Yes, it’s a nice hoodie so this could be a matter of them just having the same one but what are the chances? In June 2022, Central Cee uploaded a series of photos to his Instagram from a Morocco trip and included a photo of him wearing a blue hoodie.

via Instagram @centralcee

In July 2022, a couple of weeks after the Instagram post, Madeline uploaded a video to TikTok of her wearing the same hoodie and in the comments of the video, people are asking over and over if she and Central Cee are dating.

There is a video of a girl exiting a building behind Central Cee that looks a lot like Madeline

One video that everyone is obsessing over is of Central Cee walking out of a building and a someone closely behind him. Fans are convinced this is Madeline Argy, and honestly it really does look like her. But it should be noted, she isn’t the only brunette to exist and this could very well be anyone. The TikTok video has 1.2 million views and everyone in the comments seem to be in agreement that it is Madeline.

If this ever is confirmed to be true, TikTokers will go into an even bigger meltdown but don’t hold your breath.

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