Madeline Argy dating Central Cee

Who is Madeline Argy? The TikToker who everyone thinks is dating Central Cee

I could listen to her voice all day tbh

Madeline Argy has been living freely on everyone’s For You Pages and you know what, nobody seems to be mad about it. Known for her hilarious storytimes and cooking videos, she has amassed over two million followers on TikTok with pretty much all of her videos getting millions of views. Madeline Argy has been making waves recently as fans seem to think she is dating London rapper Central Cee. But despite being the subject of many rumours and theories, who actually is she?

Madeline is 21 and lives in London

According to her management’s website, Madeline is 21 years old and from her very aesthetically pleasing and vibey Instagram page, she is currently living in London.

She has 2.1 million followers on TikTok

Madeline has racked up a lot of followers across all her social media pages but her witty humour has done her justice as she currently has 2.1 million followers on TikTok with over 59 millions likes. She is pretty popular on Instagram too with a respectable 230,000 followers.

Why do people think she is dating Central Cee?

Rumours about their relationship circulated on TikTok after fans spotted her wearing one of Central Cee’s hoodies in a TikTok video. A TikTok putting together all the evidence has since gone viral after it showed the rapper decoding his lyrics to his latest song ‘Doja’ in which he told Genius his girlfriend was bisexual. It seemed harmless until they adjoined the clip with a livestream where Madeline referred to her “ex-girlfriend”.

The two haven’t confirmed they are in a relationship together, but only time will tell.

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