The 12 strict rules Love Is Blind cast members have to follow during the experiment

Yes, it’s intense!


When filming for Love Is Blind on Netflix, there are a number of rules the cast members have to follow. The experiment sounds pretty strict, and by no means are the participants allowed to just turn up, date for a bit in the pods, and then get married without anything else said.

From the day they sign up to when they ~maybe~ have their Love Is Blind wedding, cast members live under rules set out by those in charge. They have to follow schedules, aren’t allowed certain aspects of normal life, and have to truly commit to life inside the experiment.

Here is a full list of the rules in place for cast members of Love Is Blind.

The rules of Love Is Blind on Netflix

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1. They really are never allowed to see each other

Let’s start with a really obvious one, yes the pods really do stop the daters from seeing each other, and they’re not allowed to meet until the proposal. You can see next to nothing through the pods, and host Nick Lachey said: “You can’t see anything but a very vague silhouette of what’s happening on the other side. You’re truly flying blind.”

The pods are also completely soundproof, so you can’t hear anything other than your own conversation.

2.The cast are not allowed their phones or WiFi whilst filming the pods

The rules of Love Is Blind on Netflix

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No phones are allowed when filming for the show takes place. Cast members have their phones taken off them for the first two segments of the show, and only get them back when we see them returning to normal life. This is so they put all their focus into their dates and don’t contact people outside of the show. There is also no TV or WiFi.

3. They have to date in the pods for 10 days

Filming of the pods section lasts around 10 days. It starts with the full cast of around 30 people, and during the 10 days some singles are let go, which is why we don’t see them all dating.

The first round of dates in the pods, with everyone involved, last around seven to 10 minutes each, and are like speed dating sessions. As time goes on, and people get to know each other, they then go up to around 30 minute dates, where cast members are speaking to up to eight people – at separate times, of course.

Dates then progress to have no time limit, but you can only be dating a couple of people. The show’s creator confirmed it is completely the cast member’s decisions who they chat to, and for how long.

4. They can’t go to the loo during dates!

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The pods don’t have toilets in or attached to them. If cast members need to go during their dates, they have to head back to the living quarters, where the nearest toilet is located.

5. Cast members have to be prepared to film for up to 20 hours a day

Filming can take up pretty much all of the day, so cast members have said they got very little sleep whilst taking part. “The first four days we filmed on average I’d say 18 to 20 hours,” season one’s Kenny said. “We slept in trailers and they were correctional facility beds. The design was to just strip us down from our comfort level.”

6. Men and women have to live separately

The rules of Love Is Blind on Netflix

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As we see on the show, there are men and women’s living quarters, and these are completely separate. Previous cast members have compared living on the show as like being in a sorority or frat house.

“Life at the facility felt like a sorority,” season one cast member Lauren Speed told OprahMag. “You’d think that people would be catty because some people would like the same guy. But we actually formed a sisterhood, no lie.”

She added to Refinery29: “The girls were with the rest of the girls and the guys would be with the other guys. We did everything. We baked, we had a twerk class. We would just have conversations, talk to each other about our experience, play pool. It was literally a sorority.”

Kenny Barnes from season one told Refinery29 the guys did plank competitions, cooked together and went for runs.

7. The couples aren’t allowed to share updates about their relationships for over a year

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The show is filmed a long time before it comes out, and cast members aren’t allowed to share any updates on social media which might give away what happens. So, they spend over a year in the real world together, most of the time without the rest of the world even knowing they’re in the cast of Love Is Blind, without being able to post about their relationship.

Previous cast members have said it was up to a year and a half after they got married that the show aired – so no couple selfies allowed in that time! Equally, breakups can’t be spoken about before the show either.

“People are going to do what they’re going to do,” producer Chris Coelen told LA Times. “But I think generally people buy into the idea that this is something that they do not want to spoil for the audience.”

8. Couples can’t tell their families they’re engaged

The outside world isn’t allowed to know the news of engagements, and neither are the cast member’s families. You’d think after getting engaged they might be able to ring those closest to them to share the news but no, they have to complete the first part of the experiment, and go on the retreat, all without their family knowing.

When we meet the families and friends on the show, that should be the first they are learning about the engagements.

9. Producers like to tell the cast members which order they say their ‘I dos’ in

Whilst most of the wedding is planned by the cast members themselves, it’s been reported producers like to have some input with who says their vows, and most importantly if they do or do not, first. Producers have said in the past which order the cast members such speak in at their weddings.

The rules of Love Is Blind on Netflix

via Netflix

10. Wedding guests aren’t allowed their phones at the ceremonies

Just like the cast members, when the guests are part of the show, they have to follow the same rules with phones. According to Insider, every guest has to sign an appearance release and they can’t bring their phones to the wedding. This is to help prevent spoilers before the series drops on Netflix.

11. Yes, the weddings are legally binding

Despite what some may think about the show being all for drama, previous cast members have said the show is completely real, and the weddings are legally binding. Two couples from season two ended up getting divorced, and that would have all had to be done legally, like a normal divorce.

12. It’s been reported cast members are fined if they leave the show early

Previous cast members have spoken out about how difficult the show was, and regretting taking part – which has been met with th question of why they didn’t just leave. However, a report has claimed there’s a $50k fine for anyone who leaves before their filming is over. In season four, many criticised Irina for continuing with the show, despite saying she knew she didn’t have a connection with Zack beyond the pods.

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